Watering at night

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by scruff33, Apr 19, 2010.

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    Maybe you should look at ANY university website...or ANY turf manual before you begin thinking you will offer advice. Secondly, it all depends on soil texture...deep watering may mean 5 minutes here...or 60 there.

    To the OP...as long as your lawn is not fed too heavily, watering in the evening isnt a big of a deal. However...if you have that lush thick green lawn in the spring....your f'ed eventually unless you keep it on the dry side.
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    I got my informaton from a landscape book, made by Ortho,
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    Why would I want to look at some university study? Please enlighten me? Do I need a study to see when the sun is out? It is real funny when people think they are too smart... they completely ignore simple logic but derive the most complicated, twisted, convoluted road that reaches no where. Example? Please refer to History!

    I don't care what soil it is, 1inch of water will leech tremendous mineral from the top soil where the grass roots are. But this is if it is done all at once. If one were to cycle through intervals, there should not be a problem but unnecessary. Again, it is nothing but water wasted.

    mdlwn, before you pedicure other's post :dancing:, please go back and read all posts as I was replying to someone's post. Perhaps you need a university guidance for this also?

    Keep it Simple Stupid. :hammerhead:

    P.S. And 'deep watering' usually means just that, deep watering. :)
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    Well .... given my job is primarily managing and consulting on irrigation & soils, I am here to say you are both wrong.
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    I have time to spare on this fine evening. Please do form your thesis. Remember, everything is a thesis. :)
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    Dont be a fa.g...it's situation specific....
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    Nice language. :rolleyes: FYI, I was talking to the other two, but I can include you in the group as well if you want.
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    Sorry...I was joking.........:)
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    You make it sound so easy. Just get up one morning and shell out $5000 for an irrigation system that you might not be able to use in many places do to total water bans and restrictions.
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    What he said.

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