Watering at night

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    Kiril, here is some of the new technology coming into farm irrigation, no doubt the same technology can be used in landscape irrigation if affordable.


    ClimateMinder announced this week the
    deployment of its state-of-the-art irrigation
    controls that monitor soil moisture and crop
    conditions every 20-40 acres independently
    with wireless sensors and either boost or cut
    back water, nutrient or pesticide applications
    as needed. Their system is the latest example
    of a new category of internet-based products
    called “software as a service” (SaaS).

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    Maybe a new company, but not really new tech. Thanks for the link though. :)
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    check out our new weather site, LawnSite Weather. We hope to bring you some general tools to help manage your overall business and, to respond to this quote lawn irrigation. Today's Weather Blog, under the LawnSite weather tab offers maps like 24 hour precipitation amounts, start/stop times and total hours of precipitation, not to mention radar narratives giving the approximate amount of rain in the current radar echoes. We can also provide you detailed watering scheduling by hour online for up to 5 says with updates as needed...which can be manually input. Or, we can program weather past, present and future, soil moisture, type of grass, etc. directly into programmable watering systems. A little information on night-time watering in the Blog as well. If you are interested in our customized watering data email me at jtravers@weatherbriefings.com and I will provide details. Also, let us know what we can do to improve our LawnSite Weather Tab.

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