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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Toocool100, Oct 12, 2005.

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    NO, if they care about the work you did, they will water it. Just make sure you tell them when they should be watering and how much. If they don't then its there loss and possibly your gain if they call you back to do it again and promise to water it this time. More money for you. And you take responsibility for watering. Just my 2 cents!!
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    I agree with LHLandascaping & Runner. You are giving the service of preparing the lawn for growth. Unless they are paying you to water the lawn ( and that is only to water it, not supply the water) you shouldn't have a concern of how much water is being supplied to the growth. That is now up to the home-owner. Make sure this is all in the contract (with thier signature )for future problems. The homeowner needs to have some responsibilty for there home unless they are paying you for it.
    I ran into a problem just like this in the dead heat of the summer( when it wasn't raining at all). I did sod patch work for a homeowner( replaced 3 times) and each time he never watered the sod( takes alot of vacations). Because I didn't have in the job contracted I replaced it and bit a big one on the job.
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    I've yet to have a customer water a lawn properly if I leave it to them. I have a bunch of timers, hoses and sprinklers that I set up. It can get kind of complicated, especially if they have low water pressure and can only run one sprinkler head at a time. I charge them a rental fee for the equipment.
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    I do what darrlegessner does. Go to home depot and get the melnor 3100 timer.It will have two hose and timer units.Get the cheap plastic impulse sprinklers. Two for 7$ with the pass through ends so you can run two sprinklers off of one hose. Thats four sprinklers per timer you will need 80psi to do this you may have to turn up the presure. I charge an extra 50 bucks.You might have a hard time finding timers and sprinklers this time of year.My area is clean out and people are calling me every day asking if I can redo there yards.They see my clients yards and want the same. Keep a eye on ebay cheaper than home dopot.
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    They better have a big budget if they plan on you coming over 4 times/day to water for 5 minutes. That's 100/day.

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