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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by B16bri, Nov 16, 2013.

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    Hey guys do any of you water customers yards or even offer such a service it sounds silly but how many hours do you spend seeding / fertilizing customers lawn each year and than not have the results you should or were hoping for due to lack of the home owner watering there lawn ? How do you get around this problem ?
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  2. JonLawn

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    Just explain upfront the importance of it. Either they irrigate, water themselves or it doesn't work.

    If it is on your daily route or close to your home you could charge $30 a day to stop by and wet it. But if they aren't rich enough to have irrigation they probably won't go for that.
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    I had one customer request this service from me. I gave it some thought, and he wanted me to provide an estimate for watering 3 times a week. After thinking about this for a few minutes, I decided there was no way to cost effectively do this for him.

    Doing some math, id have to charge at least 120 bucks a week to water this customers lawn. Now, here are a few other problems associated with doing this for him. There are fines for water entering the roads so you have to be on site to monitor the watering and I couldn't just put some timers up and let them go in between weekly mowing.

    These factors made watering the lawn for the customer too expensive, for both him, and I. He likes the way I maintain his lawn however, and he continues to have me take care of it for him.
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    I set up timers if practical,, or move the hoses when I'm working in the neighborhood... that is the advantage to working a neighborhood as a solo-op as opposed to running all over the place... :)
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    Perhaps offer some kind of incentive to water their grass themselves. Raise your prices and then give customers a discount if the lawn is moist when you arrive. You should have an inexpensive moisture meter to help solve any disputes.
    Offer some kind of freebie if the grass is well-watered. Say 6 free tulip bulbs in the fall. Rare genuine blue tulips imported from Holland.
    Be sure to give each customer a fact sheet on how best to water grass--and how to save money on their water bill. And give them a discount coupon for an underground irrigation place that you work with.

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