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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by 1999frontier, Mar 24, 2010.

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    I seeded my yard this past fall, I guess that's consdered established. I've seen where fescue needs about 1" of rain every week. So if we don't get any rain in a week is it better to do 2 waters of .5" each or just 1 watering of 1"? No irrigation I have to use some sort of store bought sprinkler.
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    Either way is good, but to know for sure, a good way to go is by doing a simple core sample a little while after watering. Ultimately, you want to stop the water just before it reaches the full depth of the roots. This is because in normal moist soils, the rest will seep down to the bottom of the root layer (gravity) where it is needed. Anything deeper is likely wasted water, however a LITTLE below the root system is a good thing. This encourages deeper root growth, as they will reach for the water. What you DON'T want to do is to be watering too shallow, or stopping the water before it reaches the full depth of the roots lower layers. This encourages shallow root growth - maling the lawn susceptible to heat and drought stress...thus weakening it. Now,...here's the trick. Your lawn will reach nice and deep in the spring (toward late spring), as the roots grow deep at this time. You want to encourage this, as it will set the pick for the entire rest of the season. The turf does the same thing again in early fall, but not to the extent it does in the spring. Now,...core smpling is not REAL necessary...you can also go out and stick a screwdriver in the ground, rotate it around, and stick you finger in the hole. the core just allows you to see right where your roots are and just how moist the soil is. I hope this helps you.

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