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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Jul 16, 2001.

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    we have some sod work to do, we dont do much of it, our insructions for watering are twice a day, 15 min a pop. we have never lost one piece of sod! but im wondering what instructions u guys/ladies give. also, how long after install can it be treated for grubs? fertilized? thanx
  2. Bobby,

    I give basically the same watering instructions to any customers that I install sod for. I apply a starter fertilizer when I lay the sod, I scratch it/work it into the soil prior to laying the sod. Not sure on the grub control but I would think a couple of weeks after would be sufficient, but really I see no problem with applying it right after laying the sod, (I may be wrong so feel free to correct me on this).
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    A frind of mine used to work on a sod farm and he allways told me that you wonted to treat sod like you were trying to drown it out. But here the hard pan is close to the top and we dont retain mowture verry good. It might be diferent where you are at.:angel:
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    and start watering it now they will HAVE to water it for life. Just my experience.

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