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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by str400ex, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. str400ex

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    I have a property that I take care of in southern MO it is fescue sod that has a sprinkler system , the owner is not in town often it is just a vac. home , my question is how many days of the week should I set the system to run and what time should it run and for how long, it was a new install last spring and he had it running 30 min at three in the morning every day it did ok but I am afraid that is to much. thanks for the replys sorry about the spelling Shawn
  2. str400ex

    str400ex LawnSite Member
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    no suggetions
  3. AI Inc

    AI Inc LawnSite Fanatic
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    Can ya give a little more info, soil type , sun/shade ect.
  4. 2stroke

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    we water everyother day 30 mins per zone.
  5. Grits

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    Are you asking for this time of the year or during the season?
  6. str400ex

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    sorry guys most of the property is in full sun , 30 dump truck loads of topsoil was brought in , and I am asking for when the season starts late Feb - early NOV. thanks For the replys Shawn
  7. mwoltje

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    I live in Northeast Kansas and i set my customers controllers up to water at 4:30 am i have my rotor zones at 45mins untill it gets really hot and dry in summer and my spray zones water 15 mins watering days are mond wed and friday. we have alot of clay here .... thanks
  8. jimmyburg

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    are all the zones spray or rotors or mixed. any flowerbeds?
  9. str400ex

    str400ex LawnSite Member
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    good questions I should have put more info there are 6 zones with one being a drip on a hill with flowers the other ones are spray

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