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    On Labor Day I reseeded my backyard. I soaked the yard on the first watering, for the next 4 days I tried to keep the soil moist. What should my watering schedule be at this time? The grass has germinated to about 1",this is the rye grass portion of the rye/KBG mixture seed. The ratio is 60% KBG to 40% rye grass

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    Tough question to answer. My suggestion would be go to www.forestrysuppliers.com (should be ad link on lawnsite) get yourself a Lincoln Moisture Meter and use it to help determine your moisture level. Obviously you want the root zone area moist but not saturated. The meter will help you determine run time lengths and frequencies. I'm a professional and I use this tool to help me answer this type of question. If you have an irrigation system you might want to consider upgrading to an ET based timer to help with the seasonal adjusts.
    Good Luck Don't over think it. Illinois should have a good Ag college with links to turfgrass that you might want to bookmark.

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