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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by kandklandscape, Mar 25, 2007.

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    we have about 10 watering contracts to water plants this year, i would say we will need a 50-100 gal water tank, what do you guys use to water plants, shurbs etc? is there a certain brand i could buy or does anyone have some kind of drawing i could purchase from them to build my own?
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    My gardeners use the 50 gal sprayers made by Lesco and it seems to work fine for them. They also have a 100 gal tank that we hooked a DC water pump up to that plugs into the cigarette lighter for the truck and they run a garden hose right off of it. I think we bought the pump at agway and wired it ourselves.
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    The cheapest thing to do is get the bulk tank somewhere like a TSC, and then a pump to run off it, either gas or electric. The gas will push more volume, so you could maybe run multiple hoses. I think Homelite makes one that is 2-cycle, it's light and inexpensive. My opinion is 50-100 gal. is too small for watering. You're going to have to refill too much, but I guess you know your jobs best. Boats says it works for him, too, but I use to use either 800 or 1,000 gal. trucks (tree and shrub spray trucks) when I would water street trees. I would run 2 fert. lances at a time and just rotate them 2 trees at a time. Get some headphones and some good reading material, too, LOL

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