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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by buckrufr, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. buckrufr

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    Temperatures are usually in the low 70s now in the NW, but we are experiencing a heatwave. Leaves are blistered from the sun and limbs are sagging for want of moisture. Expensive shrubs are calling it quits every where I go.

    Today a customer asked if I would also water her newly landscaped back yard each week and add it to her bill, so I sold doing the front also. She caught me unprepared and I couldn't find a sprinkler. Hand watered 30 to 40 minutes full blast - I have no patience. Next week I'll have 2 quality sprinklers and run them an hour while I work nearby.

    What can I charge for this service? Anybody doing this service? Any tips on sprinklers, technics, etc.?

  2. Exact Rototilling

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    Keep good notes - don't forget to go back and turn off the water. Use flow rate water timers that automatically shut off - not that we would ever forget.
  3. YardKeeper08

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    I've got a yard I do this for just to bring it back to life. I'm going to charge about half my regular hourly rate.
  4. buckrufr

    buckrufr LawnSite Member
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    Thanks. Good advice. I use cell phone to remind me of water running, appointments, Bcuz I do forget.
  5. ed2hess

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    You need to put on a quality timer....we charge $10 to set the sprinkler and then we leave. Some yards take a couple visits .....that was old days now you can't run sprinklers during the day.
  6. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    Charge for your time. What's your time worth to you? (Of course, that being said, you can't rightly charge for your lack of preparation...)
  7. jaybird24

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    We get digital timers that can run up to 4 zones, that can come on up to 3 times per day. Average cost per yard with hoses and sprinklers runs around $200. We charge $175 for a month of the service. Helps pay for these items that are needed, but hard to bill back to customers. We use them for new lawns and such, so they get used all the time, each system has made $300-500 alone this year, with very little labor involved. Not really a big money maker, but saves labor, and better results than a guy running around moving hoses.
  8. Dean of Green

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    good way of doing it Jaybird. I will have to give that a try for the properties without irrigation.

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