Waterless Grass???

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by NJLAWN#1, Apr 11, 2007.

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    I have seen ads for synthetic turf. It looks great on the websites,waterless grass & synlawn, I was wondering how it looks in person. Has anyone seen it a few years after installation? Do any of you guys install it regularly? It seems to be to good to be true. It seems expensive but it would be great not dealing with the why do I have a brown spot or why is my neighbors lawn greener calls. With 75,000SQFT installed it seems you could gross what 4 crews can do during our cutting season. If anyone has knowledge on the subject feed back would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. upidstay

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    It's the same stuff they are installing on athletic fields. It looks very good. I can tell the difference, just looks fake to me. One huge downfall with it is heat. It get hot. Really, really, hot. Like 140 degrees at chest level at 1 in the afternoon kind of hot. Watering it will cool it down, but that sort of defeats the purpose of "waterless grass".
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    I took the class on the Synthetic turfs. I'm still not sold on it. It does look fake. Not to mention where are you going to find someone that will pay over a quarter of a million dollars for just the material not counting the labor.
  4. NJLAWN#1

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    What are some of the reasons your not sold on it? I was thinking 10-20 sales a year 5000sqft or so each. Im along jersey shore where people have rocks instead of grass because they are summer homes and they do not want to deal with up keep of lawn. We also have hot humid sometimes dry summers and with out proper irrigation lawns turn to ****. If the product is good I do think there is a market.

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