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    Hello everyone. I am an apartment community service manager in SW Fla. I don't do much of the lanscaping myself as I have our service company do it. They main thing I deal with is the irrigation, which is alost a full time job with all the kids around here.

    Now to my real question, I have a 3 part lawn here. First part is St Augustine grass, second part is Bahia grass and the third and main part is weed grass. My landscape company is going to waterseed the property. I have asked what this is exactly and what is involved but can't seem to get a direct answer. Can anyone help explain this.

    Thanks, Shane
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    I believe the company is referring to hydro-seeding.
    All this is, is grass seed, a mulch compound mixed in a tank, kind of a slurry and applied via a hose from the tank.
    Pricing is based upon the market forces in your area.
    I would definitely acquire from the company the grass species being applied - you do not want to allow any Bermudagrass in the tank as the leaf tissue of Bermudragrass is distinctly different than St Augustine and will end up looking bizarre.
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    Yes, Hydro-seeding is what I meant. I guess I had a brain fart there and forgot the term. When you hydro seed what is involved? They are telling me they will be killing off all the turf as atleast half of it is weeds (atleast it's green) and then spreading this mix. I'm in south west florida and the soil I have is very sandy. What is the best grass seed to be used? I believe they will be using Bahia or St Augustine.

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