Wax on wax off, ugghhh, help please !

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Az Gardener, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. Az Gardener

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    I always said the next new trailer I got the first thing I would do is get a good coat of wax on it to make it easier to wash and keep clean.

    Well my new trailer is 16 long and 7.5 tall. I had the family help, my 9 yr old started out putting on the wax then I did a piece then the wife did the front. I bought a electric buffer to remove it. It didn't work at all, it kept accumulating little black boogers for lack of a better word. We ended up just rubbing it off with uniform shirts as that was all we had at the yard. It was a royal pain, the area I did was much easier so I am thinking the son and wife put too much wax on :confused:.

    If anyone has tips on waxing I welcome them. I am using Rain-X wax, in the shade, temps are in the 70's. It took about 5 M/H to do half the trailer :hammerhead: we wrapped up under the lights. Still have the other half to do tomorrow.
  2. Merlin300

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    I have always had good luck with Mothers paste wax. Easy on and easy off and lasts forever. Good ol elbow grease is how I have always done it.
  3. nosparkplugs

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    I have no experince waxing trailers? but I know that on trucks & cars that when you use to much RPM's when using a electric buffer you can "burn" the paint or leave swirl marks. I hope the "black boogers was not paint "buffed" off. Even when you apply the right amount of wax the bonnets will also get plugged up, I usually use 4 bonnets to wax my truck. a electric buffer can cause more damage than their worth in the wrong hands. If in doubt hire a professional or use a cotton towel.
  4. Paulup

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    I used to detail cars in high school. Apply very little wax, just enough to make it look like soap scum when you finish rubbing it in. You want to start wiping it off as soon as it is dry enough to come clean off and not smear. The way you describe it, too much wax was applied AND the trailer had a bit of dirt on it. The black boogers were undried wax mixed with dirt. Clean the whole thing off, apply a much lighter coat of wax, and make sure it is good and dry before you wipe it off. The electric buffer is used to apply the wax, you should always use a terry cloth to take the haze off. Since you tried using it to remove the wax, your buffer cover(probably lambs wool) is caked with built up wax. Throw it away, it will never clean off properly without causing buildup in your washer.
  5. Az Gardener

    Az Gardener LawnSite Gold Member
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    My buffer does not have a speed adjustment, just on/off. The boogers were wax as they made streaks if we rubbed them hard. We used 3 bonnets but I don't think they were the problem. It didn't matter if we had just put on a new one or had been using the same one for 20 min.

    We have the same truck. I'm sure you have posted in depth the whole amsoil 20-k oil change thing. Do you have a link ? I would like to read up on it.
  6. Lynden-Jeff

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    Thoroughly wash the trailer before waxing. Like others said very little is required. Use wax applicators to apply and microfiber clothes to remove. Also try a better wax, althought expensive I useMcguires NXt synthetic wax, it has a great shine and very easy to apply and remove.

  7. Turf Commando

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    Don't worry detailer in the house ..
    The biggest problem with waxing is letting wax dry to much, let it haze slightly then wipe off using Micro fiber towels...
    Only wax a 2x2 area at a time, never get so far ahead that wax is allowed to dry for 5 mins or longer.
    I suggest you get some Meguiar's quick detailer spray, and even switch wax to Meguiar's ...I recommend NXT 2.0 by them, it's at most if not all auto part stores....Joe
  8. Travis E

    Travis E LawnSite Bronze Member
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    we detail cars, Mequiars quick detailer spray is what we use the most of and micro fiber towels. Spray the quick spray on and wipe it right off with the micro fiber towels. Make sure its clean first!
  9. Oasis-Outdoor

    Oasis-Outdoor LawnSite Member
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    I 2nd the Meguiars Nxt Generation synthetic wax. It is absolutely awesome! I have tried about every wax that comes down the pike and Meguiars is the best by far. You won't be disappointed with it!

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