Ways to build a great company culture?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Ijustwantausername, Oct 19, 2019.

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    I now have 3 really solid guys that I would like to (and need to) keep to continue growing. Other than money, and I know that's what matters most to these guys, what are other things that can be done to make it to where they don't want to leave? Mainly looking for bullet point type things to do or that you've done that's worked.
  2. Mudly

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    health care support, ongoing education, company outings, ect
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  3. sehitchman

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    Good topic. Its been awhile since I've worked with or in a company with a larger employee structure, but this is some of what I've observed or experienced.
    Clear expectations
    Advancement opportunity
    Feeling Appreciated
    Quick disposal of virus and contaminated co-workers
    Good pay for the work
    Understanding of personal reasons for time off

    In this industry
    Good Equipment

    Vehicles that are reliable and have AC

    No nagging about the time it takes to do a proper job

    Clean uniforms , newer t shirts

    If you ask for ways to improve and ideas from your employees, actually make an effort to implement, then reward!

    Don't always make the new guy be your grunt, they will get discouraged and bail
  4. Trees Too

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    1. Demonstrate a team spirit and have a family-like environment.
    2. Establish core company values and back them with a positive, friendly, and supportive lifestyle.
    3. Owners & managers act as a coach to mentor, motivate, encourage and set employees up for success.
    4. Allow employees to have a roll and a voice to participate in the decision making process.
    5. Be specific about job requirements by having a clear, detailed job description for each position.
    6. Offer competitive compensation and health benefits.
    7 Motivate, appreciate and recognize your employees for a job well done.

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  5. Buzzworks

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    If these are your 3 core guys, sit down and have an open discussion with them. Ask “Beyond money, what is important to you and why?”

    The question why will give you a lot of insights in to how their mind is thinking.
  6. Trees Too

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    Great point! Thumbs Up
    Doing an employee Survey/Needs Assessment periodically is always a good idea! :nod:

    Actual face-time with frequent meetings (that don't turn into "***** sessions") is even a better idea. :waving:
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  7. adkinslawncareobetz

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    I know a guy that has a fert company. He pays 18 per hour. 401k. Health care. His core employees gets paid 40 hours during the winter even when they are closed down for two months. He still can't keep hel. Why? He always yells at his guys, throws tantrums, makes his guys work in torrential downpours and tell the customers that it docent affect the chemicals. Treat your guys like they mean something to you. Treat them like friends or family with a balance of a business relationship.
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    Great points!
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  9. Buzzworks

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    I saw it listed in your response but I really wanted to highlight it because there are many solutions, but you don't know until you ask.
  10. TPendagast

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    Ask the guys
    Most people will tell you what they need
    What problems they have
    they need to feel involved and valued
    And free stuff goes a long way
    Small cash bonuses
    Swag like jackets , hoodies, hats etc
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