WB bag kit


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southern ontario
Our Ransomes WB bag kit tends to dig into the soil when the deck is set at 2 1/2" or below. The bag itself has a couple of posts that drop into holes at the bottom of the bagger plate. The problem is that unless you're cutting a perfectly level surface the posts will dig grooves into the soil.

My question is how are the baggers on Exmark, Toro, and Skag? Do they attach the same way? Do any of you using them have the same problem? The Ransomes is just poorly designed and a major pain when doing fall cleanups when we want to cut short.



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cutintrim--you didn't ask about lesco but I'll tell you anyway.

the bagger hangs from a mount above the discharge. nothing hangs down but the bagger and it never drags anything. of course, it would be possible to make it dig the ground if you tried.

I suppose the lesco is probably very similar to the skag.