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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MightyMc12, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. MightyMc12

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    Well I am kind of new to the mowing buisness. This is officially post number two. I am looking to upgrade my buisness I mow 35 yards and bagging is neccisary. Right now I am employing one man and we both run 22040 commercial two stroke Toros. I am reaching a point where I cant expand because the mowers dont cut a wide enough area. Which is the most economical mower as price to performance? Might I even look to go with a rider? Next year I have an opportunity to almost double in size. Give me your thoughts.
  2. Mark McC

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    From where I stand, a lot hinges on the lawns one has to cut.

    Heavily sloped work really screams for walk-behinds for obvious reasons, but if you have a lot of flat lawns with few obstructions, you'd be crazy not to get a rider, perhaps even a zero-turning radius machine.

    If you have a mix of slope and flat work, it's a tougher question. Most manufacturers make both walk-behinds and zeroes that will render superb cuts, but you know the old story: if the dealer stinks, so will your experience with the manufacturer.

    How big a part of your route does slopework constitute?
  3. edward hedrick

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    If your bagging all yards, maybe a Walker GHS might be a consideration. Or an Exmark Lazer HP. Ed
  4. Ric Harris

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    If "cost vs efficiency" is a major issue, consider used equipment. There are a lot of LCO that have started out as a small part time business and have grown into larger full time company's with larger properties that require ZTR machines and increased horse powered walk behinds. Check your local want ads or talk to some of your fellow LCOs for some pretty good deals.
    Is your towing and trailer equipment ready for this expansion?
    I'm currently using a 36 and a 48 inch belt driven, 15 HP Exmarks.
    Both machines share, if needed, bagging capablities via a Grass Gobbler.
  5. MightyMc12

    MightyMc12 LawnSite Member
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    Remember I dont have a lot of money saved up so it is a large consideration. But as far as slope work goes there isnt much. What little slope work I have can be done with one of the two new Toros. Each toro cost $1200. I am kind of kicking myself for droping so much for 21" mowers. I have Looked at walkers but you are looking at droping 10,000. I dont know if that is worth it. They have a model with only a 13hp Kawasaki engine on it but my dealer is commision driven and wouldnt price it out for me. I dont mind walking I just want something to speed up work.
  6. MightyMc12

    MightyMc12 LawnSite Member
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    Quality is also very important I have been expanding very rapidly because of how nice all the lawns look when I leave.
  7. MightyMc12

    MightyMc12 LawnSite Member
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    Myself and a family friend just made the ultimate in custom trailers so I am ready for expansion. I will post pictures as soon as I am finished purchasing equipment.
  8. ince8728

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    you could get a good used walker between 3 & 5 grand

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