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WB motor ?


LawnSite Silver Member
S.I., NY
how ya doing guys? I friend of mine is giving me his 32" scag wb (minus motor). at the end of last season the motor went and he's just gonna buy a brand new WB. Do you have a reasonably priced motor advice. or do you know a site where I can look at my options before going to my local dealer, They're usually too busy too help with things like this. Its an older model, maybe early 90's, with some usage on it, but still an excellent machine (when there's a motor:D).


LawnSite Member
mt.airy NC
I have 2 kawasaki 14hp used engines. They are running, but being replaced by bigeer engines. I know this is not a swap meet board so if this post is not permited I am sorry, just trying to help.