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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QC Lawn Services, Jan 12, 2005.

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    We do mostly residential lawns. I recently asked for opinions about various features of WB mowers and got great info from the members. In a followup to that question, what size of mower do most of you put on a residential lawn? There are many variables here such as size of lawn, trees, landscaping and such, but for example is a 48" mower "too" large to manuver on a normal residential lot? We are looking at 36" deck mowers because of the gate sizes, but we are thinking of buying one 36" and a second with a 48" mower to do the front yards.

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    You'll find a 48 wb to be the most common size machine for most residential lots. The 36 will be for the gated back yards only. If your running a 2 man crew, have one employee always start w/ the 48 while the second edges & trims (this will speed up your efficiency). If there is a gated back yard w/ a lot of area, then have one employee start in the back w/ the 36, the other do the rest w/ the 48 & have both trim & edge. Thats your "game plan".
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    I'd say a 36 and a 48 should have things covered quite nicely. good luck!

    GEO :)
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    I agree with GEO. Thats mainly what we run. Row houses, doubles and some singles.

    The 48 cuts down on trimming time, the 36 for gates, and the 21 :angry: haha for whatever.

    on a side note I hate 21's
  5. N.H.BOY

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    Hydro or Belt WB That might matter also for times and around alot of tress and gates etc.
  6. QC Lawn Services

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    Gentleman, thanks for the quick replies. This our second season and as business goes, we are still learning and trying to be as smart as possible. The members of LS and the incalculatable experience combined has proven to be very useful for us as we grow and incoporate this business into our everyday affairs. This might be the best way for us to go and move forward.
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    A 48" and a 36" is a great combination period, and the advise so far has been excellent. If I remember correctly, you said it is you and your brother. If this is so, you might think about 2 36" mowers. Here's why: If things go well and you expand your business, you add a ZTR instead of a 48 w/b. Each of you can run a truck w/helper. One crew takes a ZTR and 21" with trimmers and one takes the 36" w/b's, or you can split it up the best way for you. If you have 2 36" mowers you could split them up and either crew can work any lawn. The ZTR is your big time saver in the future. For the time being it sounds as if 2 36" mowers will get it done for you. If you buy a 48" and 2 years from now you buy a ZTR the 48" will set. -Paul

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    personally i like wb better than ztr simple fact they handle hills better and you can go places you cant with a rider.

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