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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dan1944, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. Dan1944

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    I am looking to buy a (new) walk behind 32-36 ". I want to kept it below 2500.00. I have 3 good paying accounts tht dont want that BIG monster machine on their lawns. (Cub LT and now a Hustler Z). So I cut them with a 21" Snapper commercial Self propelled 6 speed. They all want the lawns cut as high as the mower will go, result is a lot of uncut grass due to loss of suction at that height, so I have to double cut a lot. That and the fact that it is a Pain in the a** to do all the walking. Does such a machine exist (kaw or Koh) recoil start ok. Sorry for being so long winded.

    PS some of my other accounts require a walker in spots.


    Dan the lawn care man:confused:
  2. Scag48

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    Spend a little more and get a hydro. You'll be glad you did. Saved time and maintenance and frustration will make up for that $1,000-$1500 difference between belts and hydros. I suggest a 36" Exmark Viking. Good luck.
  3. Floridalandcare

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    Spend the extra $ you wont be sorry .When the grass is wet a Belt Drive 36" walk behind becomes a 36" push mower real fast and beleive me and everyone,else that can be a real pain in the arse.
  4. Scag48

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    That would be correct. And reverse assist on a belt SUCKS. So does shifting, it's not too bad, but it would get really lame shifting like that all day. Hydro is the only way to go.
  5. Richard Martin

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    You should be able to pick up a 36" Exmark belt drive for under $2,500 easily. Can they a pain in reverse, sometimes yes. But once you learn the lay of the lawn you figure out how to cut it without using reverse. It takes maybe 1 or 2 cuts. I have also had my 36 for 3 years now and have never, ever had any problems getting it to go in wet conditions...pulling a Velke. And most new hydro-walks are more than $4,000 so that would be a lot of investment for only a few lawns.

    Scag 48, when did you get enough experience with gear drives to enable you to make such an opinion? If you have only read that they suck then say so.
  6. lawnworker

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    I would get a hydro also, I have used belt drive along time now, mine are the ones exmark dropped , two pullys on each drive belt. This system helps on down hill runaway and reverse, but like all belt drives it has it's limitations. If and when I buy another walbehind it will be a hydro. Screw all this shifting and wet yard slipping.Lame is right on.
  7. TLS

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    3 accounts, and keep it under $2500.

    This is a perfect situation for a 32-36" BELT DRIVE walkbehind!

    I've never had a belt drive slip to the point that it will not move up a hill. Reverse isn't really there, but it isn't really an issue, especially on a light 32-36" machine. I can jerk my 48" around no problem.

    Sure it would be nice to get a hydro, but for the price range you are looking at, and the light use it will see,.....I personally have to recommend a BELT DRIVE.
  8. geogunn

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    lesco makes a great 36 in belt drive for your price range. the 48 is only about $2200 most of the time.

    my lesco belt unit does fine even in wet grass.

    plan your cut and you will rarely have to use reverse.

  9. LB Landscaping

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    I have a 33" Troy Bilt wide cut, its a tank. Works great and leaves avery nice cut. It will take beating and come back for more. Its very low priced and a good choice if you only have a couple accounts to use it on. Its not "commercial grade" but it will do the job. I picked mine up for just over $1000. With proper maintenance it should last.

    LAWNS AND MOWER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I'm with TLS on this one. Go belt drive. As for belts not pulling when they get wet, I suggest running two v-belts on each side. This works great on my Toro Proline. Do a search on "Dual Belts" and I have a thread called "Dual belts on a Toro WB". Check out the picture I have posted. I'm still technically challenged and can't figure out how to do a link!!! Hope this helps.


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