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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by blake g, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. blake g

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    just wanted a little help on this decision. witch is best to start out with a wb or a ztr. I have 08 toro 4200 right now that i got for personal use. it works pretty well but its definitly not as good as a cut. should i try to trade for a used wb or keep it and save the money to buy a wb. what is the best to start out? i own a small company with about 20 properties any advice would help.
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    unless you have enough accounts to justify a ZTR i would buy a used commercial walkbehind. look at your accounts, can you fit a ztr or are there gates that you need a 36" walkbehind for. this is my first year on my own and i have 2 walkbehinds and 2 ztr's, but i mow about 28 acres in 2 days. 21 of them are cemetery.
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    A wb will be the more economical choice. It will save you a couple thousand over a comparable ztr. The wb's of coarse will give you more manuverability than a ztr. So if your properties are smaller then a wb will probably be your best choice. But if your properties are larger and a little more wide open then a ztr will probably be the best choice. Typically a ztr will finish lawns quicker than a wb. If money is no real issue then get a ztr but if it is an issue then go for the wb.
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    You need to look both at how much work you have and what you're customers want. I've found that a lot of people are afraid of letting a 1000lb mower on their lawns...and for good reason, if you're not careful you can really mess up the lawn. (Not to mention they use more gas to operate and will put more stress on you're vehicle and lower your mpg even more)

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