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WB Pick ......Bob-Cat vs Wright ?


LawnSite Platinum Member
Bob-Cat. We loved ours and used the crap out of them then sold them. Never failed us and always cut great.


LawnSite Bronze Member
New Jersey
Bob-Cat hands down!:usflag:

clay duncan

LawnSite Senior Member
marion n.c.
i vote for the wright. tough as nails, priced right, electric pto, hour meter, parking brake, no tool oil change, the velke wheel stores out of the way in about two seconds, (no hanging it off a chain), the velke wheel releases in about two seconds, bigger drive tires, compact, no weights needed to hold down the front, beautiful cut. the quad lever is not as nice as exmarks ecs though. overall a very good mower.......


LawnSite Member
Bobcats rock. Great striping, very well built and their only going to get better. I would take a bobcat over any brand any day.

I'm leaning towards bobcat 36" hydro - dealer gave me a price of $4300.
He also had gear drive for $2300. (New leftovers ) Im thinking of spending the extra $$ for hydro - or is the gear drive ok to handle ? And do you think these prices are about average or high ?