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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by causalitist, May 15, 2007.

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    i was mowing on pretty bumpy ground today.. belts started slipping alot on one side, then brakes werent gripping on same side. then i noticed the wheel was not even close to perpendicular to the ground. this is on a snapper 48" wb. bout 2001 model.

    i had read on here about wheel bearings going bad and the operator not being able to notice until it was off the ground so i jacked it up and the wheel bearings seemed tight when i tried to move the wheel up and down. took the wheel off but i could not get the hub off. apparently it slides right off after you take off the C clip at the end of the axle.. but to go.. even pounded a tad with a piece of wood and a hammer.

    so i try stomping on the hub to see if it moves because the top of it is still way closer to the frame than the bottom.. hence the wheel not being perp to the ground. i didnt stomp too hard as it was on the jack, but after a few stomps it was alligned better.. but there was still no play when the wheel was moved up and down. the wheel/bearings spun freely throughout all of this mind you. lowered the jack and it became tilted again.

    im really thinking the axle the wheel is on is bent.

    ideas please .. and also how do i get the hub off? there are no bolts etc on the inside of the frame underneath.. seems like it should just slide off after that C clip was taken off... but it didnt budge.
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    I have seen these wheels build up moisture on the inside rusting the axle between the bearings so they won't slide off. If you loosened the brake band and sure that is not hanging it up then looks like BFH and 2x4 time. You may be able to remove the grease fitting and fill the wheel with PB Blaster and let sit over night then hammer some more.

    I would think the inside of the wheel would bend before that big thick axle.

    Good Luck
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    u inspired me to really pund on the hub .. got it off. the axle IS bent.

    with just the axle coming off the frame i can lift the mower by the axle and it bents up.. the if i hit it with a hammer and wood it goes right back.. under its own weight it just bents. the brake hub rubs on the frame.

    i was mowing a bouncy yard in 4th gear but wow.. you would think they would make it of solid steel.

    a new frame is $220 on partstree.com(great for oem parts that are hard to find)

    but obviously i wont get to fixing it for a while. either way its a new mower tomorrow.
  4. Restrorob

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    Check with your local welding shop and see if they will install a "REAL" (solid) axle. Sure couldn't cost no $200 + ......

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