WB + Sulky Vs. Zero turn.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Vikings, Jan 21, 2007.


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    yeah as the last guy said we take the walkbehinds on pretty sick hills, things a rider would slide down in an instant. nothing like the cut of a 60" with a sulky....the lazer rider is so heavy it squashes mulch bed edges when going around trees and with the hydro walkbehing its lighter so you can counterrotate when turning and give perfect turns with no turfage, while with the rider you need to be careful or k-turn everything to not rip grass. you will cut your time by 1/3 or so flat open cutting if sitting on a rider, granted both machines are in perfect operating cond. you gotta have a mix of both, need something for those hills unless you plan to weedwack everything.
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    HELP! Ok, some one please tell me about sulkys, junglejims,velkes,Bull rider, and the pro-slide xt......I know that the proslide is very salty, about $408 but how do they do? and what do the others cost and how do they do. I want to buy one for when i would need it. I just got my first wb 52" exmark TT HD.
    Please let me know.

    Thanks, Jay
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    I run both ZTR and WB but only use the ZTR on larger properties
  4. TNT LawnCare Inc.

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    Viking how big are your properties. That would determine my decesion.And are you full time how many properties you mowing a week?
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    nevery had a probelm with my velky i love it
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    New to the biz.. never seen one in action...but can a walk behind turn on a dime like a ZTR can? if not,how do you spin back around at the end on the lawn
  7. TPLawnPro

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    Yep. A walk-behind can zero-turn like a Z.

    Check out the Wright Standers. www.wrightmfg.com
    You might like this alternative.
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    i prefer a WB+Velke over a ZTR any day for they very same reasons as everyone else has said and because with a ZTR it tear up a yard real quick and easy if your not extremly careful not only when your going over hills and ruff terrain but when you go to turn around while stripping going around trees and house corners not to mention that they are a major pain in the rear when you get it hung or stuck up which sooner or later it will happen with a WB+Velke (Hydro or Belt) 90% of the time you can get it out no sweat.

    It basicly depends on what suits your needs the best.
  9. elmo1537

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    First of all I have run both and I dont care who you are you cant turn on a dime with a ztr and not create turf damage at mowing speed. yes you can get real close but repeat this all day and then go back and look at every turn I garantee(sp) you will find turf damage. You can use a modified k turn to spin around pretty quick with no turf damage but never on a dime. A walkbehind on the other hand I have been able to spin a near 180 with no turf damage repeatedly I dont know what it is because the concept is still the same but for some reason the walk behind turns faster with less turf damage.

    That said put an experienced operator on both on a large flat surface and as stated before the ztr will blow the walkbehind away. hills expect the exact opposite.

    They both have there place I would recommend starting with a walkbehind become an expert at using that and then buy a ztr when you get more lawns.

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