WB vs Standar,,,need advise

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TSG, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. TSG

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    Hi folks
    I will keep this short.
    I have a 52 XMark Z and love it. I use it 45% of the time
    Also have a bobcat 36 WB and it does an ok job.
    I need to move my crew faster..................
    My question, I am thinking of a or 44 Toro T2
    or 36 Wright Standar.
    My thought is that the speed of the standar will give me the best of both worlds.
    Any input is appreciated
  2. rob7233

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    For a 36" I gave up my WB to a backup status. I too had to decide. In my case it was between a 36" ZTR (Hustler/Exmark/Gravely) and a 36" Stander RH. The stander was going to be more $$ - 1500.00 to 2K. A ZTR/rider cannot turn as fast without tearing turf as a stander plus the deck on the ZTR is belly mount so getting under trees and into corners as close the stander is a drawback. However, sitting is a lot easier and saves a lot of your energy for long azz days leaving you fresher and more productive.

    As far as the Wright, having less mass over the front means turning much faster in less space making the machine more productive. (If it's a mower for backyards it may not matter much.)

    You'll still tear turf if your not careful. The Wright also take less trailer space. Compared to a WB/sulky setup, backing up is fast and easy. Also the WB/sulky can take up as much space as a full size ZTR. Riding the Stander is a lot like the sulky in that your gonna feel the bumps etc. Remember though, ANY ZTR or Stander is going to have a heavier/harder impact on the turf than a WB. You'll still tear more turf with either, in places that were never an issue with the WB. Being familiar with the machine and the terrain lessen that. A WB is probably less potentially damaging with a newer hire. Some things to think about.

    Everyone's situation and needs are different and how much importance and weight you personally give to each of the different purchasing issues is what YOU have to decide.

    In the above, I never addressed any of the cut quality issues you may have. Depends on what type of grass and what height you cut at. Some areas on the country have different results. Try to demo each. That might help seal a decision for you. If I had to do it all over again would I have done it differently? Maybe or maybe not. For me I would had to have more demo time. It was a really close call. The Wright would have definitely won if my business model was solely production. Just my 2 cents worth. :usflag:
  3. SSS 18734

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    why not a 42" or 48" stander? It would only be a few hundred more than the 36".
  4. ed2hess

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    The Wright Sentar Sport 36" does have a seat and it is a little bit more productive than WB when used on small lawns but not much. The big advantage comes in the team getting less fatiqued when doing a lot of yards in same area. We double cut and mulch everything so cut is excellant. Customers don't want to see you riding on big machines on small lots so that is why we didnt' get a ZTR machine. The Sentar has big wheels but you got to watch turing you can damage sod just like on a rider. Overall it has been a very good buy for us...if they cost a little less we would add another one immediately....stilll using Scag 36" and Snapper 36" WB hydro on most trucks.

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