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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Joel B., Nov 20, 2002.

  1. Joel B.

    Joel B. LawnSite Senior Member
    from MN
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    I know this has been discussed a lot and I have been searching. I'm wondering what the latest trend of thought is. Here are some pros and cons (am I missing any?):


    Pro: I can sit Con: Weight
    Mow faster Price, price, price

    Pro: Price, price, price Con: Am I going to wish
    More manuverable (sp) I had bought a ZTR
    Reach under bushes better

    Is a WB really that much better than my lawn tractor or should I just save up more and get a ZTR, after all I can sit and mow on my tractor? Is a WB really better on hills?

    Thanks to all for any advice,

    Joel B.
  2. ScotLawn

    ScotLawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    YES a wb is much better than a lawn tractor. cut is better when you go to a comercial unit as compaired to a home use unit. speed is better with a walkbehind and even better with a ZTR.

  3. The Lawn Choupique

    The Lawn Choupique Banned
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    I hear this all the time but when I ask to see the research I get nothing. A lawn tractor will cut just as well as a commercial unit. And a lot of the time will not tear the turf up like a commercial machine will do. What does a commercail unit do. Use a better grade of steel for the blades? They go faster I know that. But does going faster mean the grass is cut better? I think not. I use 21" mowers only. They do not ruin the truf, leave those unprofessional looking stripes, or scare off the neighbors like the monster commercils do. I guess the next step for the uniformed is to get a bush hog with a belly mower.
  4. lawn choupique

    Man all i can say is you amazin my man:D
  5. Joel B.

    Joel B. LawnSite Senior Member
    from MN
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    How many of you that use a ZTR wish you had a WB and visa-versa (sp)?

    What would you say is the biggest disadvantage to each?

    Thank you,

    Joel B.
  6. jsaunders

    jsaunders LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I Have wb's only, to bumpy for a rider. I just wish I had a bigger wb. I have 52's would be alot faster with 61's.
  7. Navig8r

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    Each machine has its advantages in different situations.
    If you can only afford to have one machine.. I'd suggest a WB. or else you risk giving up some properties simply because there are places the ZTR won't go..... I love my Lazer Z HP, and I've found I can put it ALMOST everywhere my WB will go... but there are limits!

    As for the comparison to a riding mower/tractor, etc... NO COMPARISON!!.... WB will offer a superior cut in less time... no question! If mowing open areas, get a sulky to take some of the "load" off your body.

    My own personal lawn (1+ acre with much bordering) takes approx. 3 hours with my old Wheel Horse 42" rider... I do a better job (much better) with my Scag in just under 2 hours. Less than 1 1/2 hrs on the ZTR.
    (I have a barn, pines on 2 sides, 2 hills, and 5 large hemlocks to cut around, as well as other smaller obstacles.)
    Hope this comparison helps.
  8. ScotLawn

    ScotLawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    Some commercial units have faster blade tip speeds than lawn tractors. Faster blades mean better cuts at the speed the unit will travel at. Faster blades at faster ground speeds mean better production. better production means more yards done in a day which in turn means more $$$$. Also commercial units were designed to be run 8hrs a day 5 days a week. Lawn tractors were not designed for the heavy use that commercial units were.

    if you want research do your own. demo a good commercial unit like an exmark Lazer HP and compare it to any lawn tractor. the cut WILL be better esp at full speed. Get your lawn tractor and go out to a yard that is thick and run it at full throttle at the fastest speed. Then do the same with the Lazer. I'll bet the Lazer will cut better. I have seen some commercial units that had slower blade tip speeds not cut as good as ones with faster speeds. Real world research has already been done. Just open up your eyes.

    21" mowers do not cut in any way like a commercial walkbehind or a lazer. I have yet to see a 21" mower leave a yard looking as nice and flat as a 36" or bigger deck mower where i live. To me, 21" mowers are way tooo unproductive even if running 3 or 4 of them on one yard. The only place in a LCO for a 21" mower is these zero lot line houses with alot of landscaping where a 36" won't fit. Even then the cut is not the same. It all goes back to Blade tip speed to get a higher quality cut.

    What do you mean by scare off the neighbors. If any neighbor is scared off by my equipment then they are just old and crazy. where do you cut if a big mower scares off people? Has to be some old folks home.

  9. Jimbo

    Jimbo LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Most commercial units are going to have stronger longer lasting engines with faster blade speeds. What does faster blade speeds mean?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

    It means you can mow with the same quality cut as a lawn tractor or push mower at faster speeds.

    It means that you can mow thicker grass and the dispersal rate will not be affected (LESS CLUMPING)

    It means you can mow in the thick morning dew or rain if necessary without clumping.

    Now you tell me why a guy making a living mowing grass purchases a commercial mower over a garden tractor? Pretty simple isnt it.

  10. scot and jimbo

    Like i said amazin

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