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  1. IndianaDave

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    I will be using this mower for residential use, to cut only my 3/8 acre on a slope. My 21" pushmower simply is not cutting it anymore. I want to purchase a commercial grade mower mainly because of the quality of cut, and the extra cutting width.

    I like Exmark. Comparing the Metro HP 48 to the Lazer HP 48 is 3000 vs 6000 (ballpark); Basically twice the amount of money to go with the ZTR. A lot of experienced users here talk about fatigue from operating the belt drive WB compared to the ease of a ZTR. Hydro walk behinds approach the cost of a ZTR.

    Is the ZTR worth the additional cash (err, loan)? I don't even want to consider a residential ZTR. Any other suggestions for the best mower to suit my situation will be appreciated.
  2. For homeowner use a WB will do just fine, for day in day out mowing then the ZTR.

    BTW this is commercial lawn care, isn't it?
  3. 65hoss

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    A ztr is way way to much mower for only your 3/8 acre lawn. Get a exmark 36" or 48" metro and cut for years to come.
  4. MTR

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    You mentioned slope? How steep is it? If it is too steep that ZTR can ride on then you need a WB. Your Z will tear up turf with that wheels once it 's wet and rainy like now, all of properties are soaked and muddy and it is ugly to leave wide tire rut of Z on customers' properties.
    Fatigue? Yes, if you mow at least 7-10 houses with WB in a day, and 5 days a week, but just your house and once a week...WB is a piece of cake, put your 21" in a lah lah land.
  5. OlympicLawn`

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    Try setting up a demo of each unit to see how they compare to each other for your needs.

    Agreeing with the other replies, the walk behind would be the most logical choice in this situation... but it's your money & lawn, so do what is best for you!
  6. brucec32

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    When they complain about fatigue, they're mowing 40-50 a week, you're only mowing one! A commercial wb is plenty for almost all home lawns, and will last a lifetime.
  7. So is there a diff between the wide tire track of a Wb or a ZTR, they will both leave them and they both stand out.
  8. KLMlawn

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    First, I will agree with most everyone else ... for a 3/8 acre ( I am guessing around 13-14 K sq.ft. of lawn) a $6000 ZTM is a bit overkill.
    I will say this however ... after having been in this business and realizing and experiencing the capabilities of the high end commercial equipment on the market today ... I would NEVER be caught behind a 21" pushmower ever again. In fact, probably not behind a W/B mower either. When I retire, I want a brand new 52" ZTM to cut my yard with .... anyplace I can't get with that I will either weed whack or spray with roundup.
  9. MTR

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    LGF, I know, all I said is just to point out the slope part,cause the Z will glide and tear turf just like that, with WB, you have little bit better chance of avoiding it, but not much luck neither when it is soaked and wet. Just do what is best.

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