we are gonna grow big this year.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by allaroundguys, Jan 5, 2014.

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    I would agree most all advertising these days is a crap shoot, there is just no real way to get to people at the budgets we most all have in this industry. It's kinda the same for SEO the budgets we have are just not enough for a real SEO company to take us on.
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    oh by the way, I pm's u about a week or 2 ago and hadn't hear anything back. What I said to you im pm maybe the reason youre not getting very much but I guess u didn't wanna chat?:confused:
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    Wouldn't having a web presence be more valuable long term then mass mailing out flyers? I mean, if someone gets a flyer typically they throw it away without even reading it. I feel like most people needing a service will type in "lawn mowing Kansas City" on their phone or computer. If you're one of the first they see and have a great website they'll call you. I can't decide which direction to take. My father in law owns a printing company and I can get flyers for next to nothing. Even he is trying to talk me out of direct mail and door hangers.
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    ETM, whats your companies name? I was thinking environmental turf management but theyre at like 4,000 yards so I know that's not it. im just curious I know a buncha owners around u. All turf, environmental turf man., forever gro... ect...
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    I pmed you back
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    yes sir thank u.
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    i would say long term absolutely. my only problem is being a small company competing against the bigger guys. i started a website ( currently re doing it) my problem is I'm not even on the first page when you Google my site. this season we are doing 25k flyers. next season might be zero flyers and whole budget might go to seo / web presence. I've also considered trading labor on a lot clear out for a big radio station in our area. However their music isn't our typical market. so i think ill just take the check. even though we are in the same market, id say everyone is different. getting the flyers is one thing. getting them out is another. i also do my own printing to help keep the cost down. just do what your comfortable with.
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    If you can't "decide which direction to take", why not do both and measure the results? If you can get the flyers for next to nothing, reallocate funds to the web.
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    I feel like in our area this isn't really a dominate force on the local search results. There is ony one company that seems to be near the top consistently. I'm completely lost when it comes to building and managing a website correctly though. It seems like a foreign language to me and I simply don't have the time to learn while also handling everything else that comes with running the business. It's going to be a tough decision for me what to spend the advertising dollars on because I've heard flyers don't work, and I don't want to get ripped off on a website that doesn't rank well. Tony would be a great guy to talk to about enhancing your website. Read through the website forums on this site.

    I've only got around $1000 so I just need to be careful. I still have to pay for postage to mail the flyers though. I'm not a fan of door hangers so I'd be direct mailing through the post office. Between that and having someone design, host and manage a website $1000 isn't going to go that far.
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    If we're lucky maybe Tony could search our areas locally and let us know how the top ranking lawn care websites look!? Isn't there a way somehow to look "behind the scenes" of their websites to see how SEO friendly their sites are? Maybe in our area we could get away with basic template websites and still show up on first page. I really wish I knew more about this stuff!

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