we are using too much water

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by greenmonster304, Jul 17, 2010.

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    Read the follow up posts as well. couple of people think it's a progressive conspiracy. I guess they don't bill for well water and both the city and residences are tapping in to it? Is the water table dropping?
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    This article is geared toward H.O.'s. Commercial properties consume huge, let me say that again, HUGE amounts of water. IMO, these properties need to be scrutinized in order to improve irrigation efficiency.
    Everyday I see inefficiency at its best on these properties. Let's face it, irrigation is not a major concern for managers/owners of commercial properties. All they care about is squeezing out every profitable penny from their business. Wait a minute, that sounds like the irrigation business also. I guess we're screwed.
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    It's not a low water table or water shortage per se ..... it's a problem with water pressure. The water authority is having problems keeping up with volume in that particular area due to increased (over) use of water.

    A lot of high volume users ..... maybe over building for the infrastructure.

    There are many part-time Summer users - aka cityits (city idiots). Very hot days lately. Lack of rain altho we got hammered by storms during the last week. (I have not had to water my lawn in over a week) Cityits arrive on Thursday night or Friday for a long weekend. Water the lawns like crazy. Top off the pools/hot tubs. Wash the cars, jetskis, boats. It's hot so over water the lawn again. Take a shower when you get there. Shower again later to go out at night. Shower in the morning.
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    The pressure was so bad last week that the hospital couldn't flush toilets on the third floor and the AC wouldn't work in the operating rooms. One of my customers is on the hospital board.
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    I have some customers in a well-water town that declared a total outdoor watering ban - Defcon 4 ~ repairs will just have to wait.
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    Sprinklers were banned here for about 5 and a half years. We were in drought but they keep allowing a huge amount of immigration who all want to live in the big cities and there just isn't enough water to go around. We have a desalination plant that can give about 15% of supply, but other than that if they keep building thousands of new houses and don't build a new dam and have another extended dry period, we will have to go back to restrictions.

    We have different stages of restrictions, but sprinklers were straight out banned in all of them. Drip irrigation was allowed two days per week at certain times. Irrigation and all the other hort industries went to **** during the restrictions. All other cities in Australia still allowed sprinkler use but limited the days and times. Sydney just blanket banned them straight up.
    Washing your car or house was also banned- hosing hard surfaces was banned and still is now but they allow washing of cars.

    I also see a lot of over watering and systems running just after it has rained. There was talk about only allowing systems to be used after they have been audited by a licensed irrigator, but they didn't do it. Now its a free for all with a huge amount being wasted. Don't pressure clean your house or you will be fined, but you can water your lawn every day of the week.:nono:
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    Last week during the 100 degree heat about 5 towns in ma and 3 in NH went to a total ban. NH was lifted , MA is still on.
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    I have never heard of a ban here. For those who live in areas that have or had bans what are the fines for non compliance?
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    usualy $50, $100 , $500 then water shut off.

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