we are using too much water

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by greenmonster304, Jul 17, 2010.

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    It was $220 here and they encouraged people to call up and tell if someone is using water in a way that is banned. They had inspectors driving around trying to catch people watering hard surfaces or sprinklers. They even came at night with torches and were allowed to enter private property if they thought that person was using water illegally. They created this attitude where anyone using water was frowned upon. One guy got bashed by his neighbour for watering his lawn and died. He was not doing anything wrong as you could use a hose at certain times and he was watering at the right time.

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    It's raining this morning with heavy duty thunderstorms on their way. From New Joyzee to the East End of Long Island where Green Monster travails.

    How many sprinkler systems will we see running today?
  3. Without A Drought

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    it rained for all of five minutes here.

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    Hot and dry here. Probably push the record of 98 today. I know, not as hot as some of you. But with no humidity here, things dry out very fast.
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    things are bad all over...

    Mostly as a function of stupidity and mismanagement. Specially here in South Florida.

    In anticipation of the wet season several years ago, South Florida Water (mis) Management dropped the Okeechobee Lake level by several feet on account of the panic the media created in the wake of Katrina and the earthen levies (that have withstood the onslaught of five hurricanes in the last two decades without damage and are totally dissimilar from the ones in new Orleans) might possibly on a one in a trillion odds give way if the lake level were to rise one more inch.

    Add to that the hysterics of the pinkos and PETA radicals hue and cry about the possible destruction of the wetlands that hosts nesting sites for aquatic birds, turtles and alligators (who have managed to survive the ebb and flow of the lake level for millions of years without intervention) and the lake level was dropped some more.

    big deal you say? it's the southern portions of the states main water supply. Totally disregarding the construction boom and the additional demand for water it would create, the WMD dropped the lake some more on rumors we might have an active hurricane season.

    i'm not even going to mention the inadequate infrastructure.

    We had a drought... water restrictions were imposed and as a result, people conserved water which dropped usage. Rather than scaling back operations (ie laying some non essential personnel off) the counties & cities obtained "emergency" rate increases. Now we pay even more for water than we used to for using even less than we ever have.

    Now, the El Nino winds have shifted, weathermen are predicting an active hurricane season and the WMD is having a def-con 4 pucker factor and is releasing water from okeechobee again... we're f_cked again by these imbeciles. Nothing has happened. Rain is intermittent and certainly not your usual wet season (other than ladies night at the local male stripper clubs).

    And so the cycle continues....
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    are the Lykes brothers still screwing with the Florida water picture?

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    Amazing how idiotic govt bureaucraps can be. That is just a small part of America they fckd up. Wait til they apply their same genius methodology to healthcare. Wait they already have and its broke.
  8. jvanvliet

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    Wouldn't be surprised... citrus and sugar take priority on our water resources.
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    Its an island...its surrounded by water... drop in a desal plant, and start charging for water.

    Heck anyone who lives within 25 miles of a coast line should be getting 100% of their water from the ocean

    Another Option....grey water it works in florida...
  10. WalkGood

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    Progress came and took its toll,
    And in the name of flood control,
    They made their plans and they drained the land,
    Now the glades are going dry.


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