We are working on labor day, are you?

Kevin Graham (KG)

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Gotta do what'cha gotta do and besides, my guys said they need the work!

:):) H A P P Y L A B O R DAY!! :):)

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I am so buissy right now between getting all my lawns cut and the abundance of landscape work i have lined up its crazy! I have worked 12 hours the last 5 days even through the porring rain and im going to be working 12 hours tomorrow sunday, monday and tuesday. I need a vacation!


I'll be working the weekend. Between trying to get my big truck set up for spreading and plowing and having another grade and seed job to get done there will be no break here.


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It is either work or double up on Monday. It may rain ( 1st time in 3 months!) Then it's out of my hands. Only 8-10 more mows in these parts and by thanksgiving we're all usually done. Then I'll have a few days in a row off , until march 1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Portsmouth, VA
It's rained off and on all week here. All day Wed and Thu. The ground is pretty saturated, I'll plug away at everything. Got 10 work orders from my city today on top of what I already didn't do yet. I can't complain, this is a nice problem to have. If I hit the lottery though... :)


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I have to work on Monday, too. I work full time for a newspaper as a Pressman. So I've gotta be there to print the papers, work in the mailroom, and deliver. :( I'll be going in about 8:30am and I will probably work till around 1am at the earliest. Production days are killer, usually 16hrs minimum. Being as i have to work Monday, i had today off with pay. I went to the mall and got some new clothes, then spent the rest of the afternoon mowing a couple yards. All my mowing is done till next week, and i plan on taking it easy the rest of the weekend, and catching the Southern 500 Nascar race on tv. Have a good Labor Day everyone!!

Tim :)


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Spring Hill, FL
Yep, I'll be working a normal (15 lawn) day on Monday. Just like I do on 4th of July, Memorial day, sometimes even a half day on Thanksgiving. I have a saying "grass knows no holiday".