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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by richardcog, May 7, 2013.

  1. richardcog

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    I am needing to put on crew on their own, but I don't have another truck for them at the time. one of my hands said we can us his truck. how can i pay him for the use of the truck. I pay him 11.00 per hour now. 11.00 dollars per hour is good for this area. just need help on how to pay for truck.
  2. dstifel

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    Careful who's insurance will cover your equipment if he wrecks? Who will pay for repair if his truck breaks down on your clock. Make sure u get that all sorted out and in writing before you do that.
  3. richardcog

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    thank you for posting i have talk to my insurance already they can add his truck to mind. got that done and his truck is in great shape but i my help with that he is a good friend. I just want to be fair on paying him.
  4. alldayrj

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    Dollar per mile
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  6. blk90s13

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    How much is a used truck this days ? save the headache and buy a used truck and move up from there.

    He does not show up that means the whole crew have no ride ? and one day he will need a piece of you because he helped you with the truck ?
  7. gcbailey

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    I think this could be a real sticky situation, real quick. He may have the best of intentions until 15,000 miles over the course of a summer, extra deprecation when he goes to trade it in and everything else, then he is thinking that you're screwing him.

    I didn't realize that you could put insurance on something that isn't yours? I always thought that was a no no...???
  8. Caddyshack Lawn Care

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    Seems fair since he appears to be a decent and generous guy in his offer. This is a great way to say "thanks". And to be fair, it's really not giving him a lot of extra after the wear and tear on his truck.
  9. LandFakers

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    Not worth the risk if you ask me. Just buy a used truck for 10k and save the sticky situation and the hassle.
  10. Joel D

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    Sounds like the beginning of the end to a friendship if you use his truck.

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