We didn't take a break today! ?????

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Mow Man, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. Mow Man

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    So, here we go again! Honestly, we have a real good group of guys. The fact is, my problem (or my advantage) is that I have been on both sides of the fence. I have introduced a policy a couple of weeks ago that I will be taking .5 hours a day from their time. I feel strongly that they need a real break and I also know that they do get breaks and don't write them on their daily work sheets. Today, they came back from a very profitable and busy day and the "no break" notation was on their sheet. As a matter of princapal, I want to hold to my policy b/c if they start this again I feel I have lost control. Any thoughts or ideas?
  2. MarcSmith

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    Union shop here,,,one hour of breaks. .5 paid .5 unpaid. no if and or buts about it. being that my guys are pretty much visible is some doesn't take a break I know about it and I'll send him home .5 hour early..

    your guys ill take time, water breaks ciggy breaks, hold the shovel breaks, ect.. which I would consider thei r paid breaks....lunch is their unpaid break...hate to force people to stop working, but its sets up rules and boundaries...gotta follow the bosses rules...
  3. Mow Man

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    Mr. Mark
    We are certainly on the same page!

    Thanks for the reply
  4. Mickhippy

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    Its no wonder a lot of you guys have trouble keeping good workers! I obviously dont know what your retention rate is but if you nickel and dimed me I would be out the door quick smart, along with every other Aussie. And if I stayed I would go on a "go slow" protest!
    Getting water, going to the loo, taking a breather are a necessity and should NOT be considered breaks.

    I read a lot on this site and I have to say, you guys are sooooo cheap! What are you paying your guys? How many guys? I generally see 4 guys at average $12/hr. At that rate its only costing you $24 for a half hour break, that keeps guys fresher and happier. Happy workers are more profitable than unhappy!

    The OP said "they came back from a very profitable and busy day" and he's still complaining! How much is that half hour costing you? If you had a very profitable day, reward the guys, dont ***** about a few dollars extra each!
    If you were unhappy with how much they got done, then you have reason to complain!
  5. Mow Man

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    Hey Diamond Jim, I guess I haven't made it too the top yet like you have! Or Have you? Cheap I am not- A smart business man I am! Do you believe in boundaries, policies, procedures, and getting respect by running a tight ship and having guys want to work for you, maybe you should do the math on this one. Also, have you ever thought of leaving the 3,4,5% or more on the table of a 500K per year business because you are foolish with your money. I work too hard for that, maybe you aren't concerned about 15-25,000.00, I am!

    I guess maybe some day I'll meet you at the top-as you are falling back down!
  6. nepatsfan

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    If you already know the answer then why are you asking?
  7. gene gls

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    Most states have laws in place that require employees to take breaks.
  8. Mow Man

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    I am only looking for feedback. Maybe you should read a little bit before you open your mouth. I didn't ask a question, I posed a situation and am looking for some opinions on this subject. I can see this is going to be an interesting one! I guess I can wait and have problems with the labor board or let my guys just run my business for me. I wonder how that would work out?
  9. zak406

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    At my other job my employer today bitched at me for not taking a lunch break every day. Im gonna put it as simple as this (keep in mind this has nothing to do with landscaping biz) **** him I get off at 430 start at 8 I like to not take lunches so i can leave a half hour early and be home at 4 instead of 430. And before you ask yes i truly do work all day with maybe 2 small 5-10 min breaks. End result it pisses me off.... One more reason why i strive to own my own company.... Now dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with taking breaks and if i had employees I would have no problem with that, however myself, I dont like taking breaks it disrupts my work day.....

    Btw I also know my own limits if I need a lunch break on a particular day I will take one but its once in a blue moon that i need one....
    Maybe this is more a rant than anything else but I dont see the point in making somebody take a break if they dont need one.......... Its rather friggin agitating...
  10. kilgoja

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    lol...i dunno...you guys need to loosen up a little...i mean this is the reason i got into lawn care was to get away from "running a tight ship" mode...i worked in an auto factory with 2-10 min breaks a day and 30min for lunch (10 min of that was spent walking to and from the lunchroom) lol and another 10 getting your food and paying for it so basically had 10min to eat lunch!!!...are you seriuos?...this isn't the marines or anything lol....maybe you have to do that since you have a big crew of people but that's why i work alone and for myself ...i can work at my own pace and do what i want whenever i want...it's like freedom...that's more important to me than making alot of money...i mean i do work and i don't slack off all day but i'm not running around like a chicken with it's head cut off either lol...i mean it gets to be a 100 degrees for like a month here in the summer so i take a water/gatorade break before and after every yard lol

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