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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GreenNation, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. GreenNation

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    Looking for some input to this one. We had a bi-weekly mowing job on a fairly large property (2hour cutting, trimming, edging.) In additon to this we also had to weedeat a large steep bank (2 men approx. 30minutes) once a month.
    We were charging 125.00 per trip into this property for a total of 250.00 per month for approx 5-6 manhours per month. The last 2 times we were on this job the owner came out and ask us if we could clean up another area of the property. We told the owners we could and they just said ''add it to the bill''. We brought out a DR Trimmer and ran that thing for an additonal 30 minutes to clean up this new area, plus another 30 minutes using our hand held trimmers. The next time we were on this property same thing, another new area was ask to be cleaned up and we agreed and we were told again ''just add it to our bill''. when we invoiced the job at the end of the month we had added 2 line items to the 250.00 ''normal'' charge of 30.00 for each new area that we had cleaned up.
    This pushed the total invoice to 310.00. The owners called our office complaining about the excessive charges, and told us ''We do not need you anymore, we cannot afford your extra charges.'' They agreed to pay us the invoiced amount, but not to return for any future work. We politely told them thank you for your business and Good Luck! I learned one lesson from this, and that is to always discuss at the time of the added service the entire cost involved. Otherwise these people seem to want to add extra stuff to our trips and expect us just to eat the cost. No way ARE WE GOING TO JUST GIVE AWAY OUR SERVICES! Any input on this one?
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    You handled it like I would have. In the future just make sure the customer knows what you're going to charge for the extra work. We live and learn.

    They may call you back after they find it hard to find someone to take your place. It sounds like you gave them a very fair price for the work you did.
  3. imdawrlus

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    thats cheaper than i would have wanted for that kind of work.
  4. out4now

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    I think you should have outlined the cost from the start. Just add it to the bill types may not pay when the time comes. You got lucky that this one did but why risk it. Put all additions to the job in writting so that you at least have some leverage if they try to dicker on the price latter.
  5. Tharrell

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    You know, while I was reading your post I thought about an irresponsible credit card user. Or, someone with buyers remorse.
    I agree, discuss the charges when they ask for the extras.
    Yeah, there's a lot of things I want but, I know what the consequences are.
    I don't think your charges were excessive, if anything they got a good deal from you.
  6. Richard Martin

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    I agree... That was a very reasonable charge. I don't usually argue with customers, if they no longer want me then fine, I'll leave but that really sound a little bizarre to fire you over an additional 60 dollar charge for several hours work. How many man hours did you have in the extra work? I would really want to know what the problem was and make sure they knew how much time you had in the extra work.
  7. Groomer

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    you gotta love those badazz, I'm in charge, money's no problem, types! They're always the cheapo's, and you'll see 12 different outfits there over a 2 year span!
  8. lordmaximus240

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    Give the customer the price up front, dont just add it on. Explain the charges, let them know theres extra equipment etc involved. This way there is no "sticker shock". Alot of people think it will just be an extra 10 or 15 bucks. Explain why!!
  9. sildoc

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    My guess is that they were planning on getting rid of you any ways. They just wanted those areas cleaned up before they let you go. I have had many people keep me for several months to where I get their yard looking good and then they let me go and take care of it themeselves.
    Good luck and I think you handled it well.
  10. Shawns Lawns

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    its possible that they were going to get rid of you anyway and they just wanted this extra work done before they canned you and then use price as an excuse.:waving:

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