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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by A1 Grass, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. A1 Grass

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    I am starting to get the hang of this!

    2 days ago I had a regular customer tell me "We found someone who said he'll do more work for less money, but if he doesn't work out we'll call you back". (gee, thanks)

    It's a small yard, I charge $30 (my minimum) for mow/edge/blow, extras are extra. These people are O-L-D, have a nice 2-story house, an Escalade AND a $100k+ motorhome in the driveway.

    Guess what? I DIDN'T CARE! I just said "Okay, thanks!" and walked away - didn't bother me a bit! You guys helped me a lot with my new attitude... thanks.

    Do good work - stand by your price - stick to it! HA!
  2. wriken

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    thats what I do, I don't try to beg them back.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    good move
  4. proenterprises

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    well done a1
  5. These were not long-term customers anyway. There are customers out there like this, maybe 10-15% of the people I run across. When they show themselves (right up front or down the road), I’ll gladly let them go. Because I know there are many more reasonable customers out there; it’s just a matter of finding them.

    Obviously, you can count on never hearing from this customer again. But if a customer like this called me back, and if at any time during the season it took longer than 30 minutes to service their lawn, I'd raise my price with a pleasant smile. It’s a matter of principle, commanding their respect, and the consequences (or punishment) of letting you go; although you can justify it at this time with the higher cost of gasoline.

    It’s a shame how selfish some people can be. Sounds like they’ve made a profit at their profession, but begrudge you the chance to make a profit at yours. Hopefully, your competition will take an hour or more and only get $20. That ties them up on another (you know this isn’t their only) loser account and keeps their wallet thin. Now you have more time to find a profitable account with reasonable people.
  6. PPLMike

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    When he asks for you back, you can raise your prices. :)
  7. EvandSeby

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    When they do call you back, I would treat the first time back as a whole new client. Point out the things you will have to correct before you can get it back to the way you had it before.
  8. mowngrow

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    good job. a customer told me once that he was looking for someone that was good and cheap. i told him good luck because there is either good, or cheap. the two dont usually run together
  9. A1 Grass

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    I may be wrong, but I think the guy they got is a real old hispanic guy who does yards in the neighborhood. He does a real nice job, but he push-mows, and it will take him a good 1.5-2 hours to complete the same work for probably $25. That means $12.50 an hour MINUS costs.

    Hmmmm.... do ya think he pays taxes/sales tax? (heh heh heh)
  10. tiedeman

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    do what I do, tell them that if they want you back then your prices will increase $7 to $10 more. Customers that try the whole cheaper service thing I just tell them straight up before they do it, if you are going to make the switch to someone cheaper and you find that they don't work and then you want me to come back and work it will cost you $7 more when I come back.

    Even some customers I won't accept back until next year.

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