We got hit by a drunk driver!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawnshark, Nov 12, 2001.

  1. Lawnshark

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    On Wednesday of last week we were hit by a drunk driver. He was coming over the center line and I moved just enough so he wouldn't hit my truck. All of you have pulled trailers and know that a trailer has a delayed reaction to your truck. The car took out the whole left side of our trailer. We had about 1000 lbs. of brush on the trailer and no equipment (thank God!). The story gets worse...He fled the scene in a friend's car that drove up on the accident. The car he was driving, that hit me, was stolen! The friend that picked him up drove back by the scene and I identified the car. Police stopped the car and she said she took him to a bar down the street and they arrested her. They haven't found him yet but we do have a new 16' trailer with a side gate and a raised front basket! It is sweet. Be careful out there and GET INSURANCE if you don't have it. We would be in big trouble if we didn't have any.

    Jeff Boggs
  2. TGCummings

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    A very good lesson, Jeff. I think I'll make a note to call my insurance guy and make sure I have enough overall coverage.

    Thank goodness no one was hurt...

    Thomas Cummings
    Cummings Lawn & Garden
  3. Comet

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    Sorry to hear of the damages, but sure glad also nobody was hurt

  4. 65hoss

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    Who cares about the trailer. Good thing you weren't hit head on.
  5. Mowingman

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    I thought my trailer was covered as long as it was hooked to one of my trucks. This turned out to be only partially correct. It turns out that my trailer is covered by my truck ins. if the truck is a flatbed. However, it is not covered if it is hooked to a pickup. I had to take out a special "rider" on my policy so the trailers are covered if hooked to my pickup. Sounded goofy to me, but thats what my agent said. Be sure and read the fine print on your policies.
  6. HLC

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    You were lucky Lawnshark, Thankfully no one was hurt. A few weeks ago my Hustler Shortcut had to go to the shop for some warranty work. My dealer loaned me a shiny new Super Z with only 9 hours on it. On my way home I had a truck cross over the center line. Me, my 3/4 dodge, 16' tandem axle trailer with the Shiny new Z onboard hit the ditch running 65mph. Luckily we all got back on the road and made it to the house. A little shaken up but otherwise okay.
  7. GroundKprs

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    In Indiana, The liability coverage of the towing vehicle extends to the towed vehicle. However you must get a separate policy for any collision or comprehensive coverage on the towed vehicle. May vary somewhat by state.
  8. Glad your ok, Jeff. Maybe we can hook up this winter and I can take a look at that new trailer of yours.

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