We got our first really big job

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by zippy-phil, Oct 4, 2012.

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    Since you're trying to learn how to price this job, and not looking for someone to just tell you what they would charge (because, really, what good does that actually do you?), why don't you explain how you came to $500? "For some reason" has to be based on something.
  2. zippy-phil

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    Good point

    I thought i would need 20 bags of mulch @2.50 each
    Round-up (have)
    Trimming bushes 3 -3.5 hours $25/hr front and back
    Cleaning the most important bed so i can lay new ($75) weed blocker ($?) Need to goto home depot.
    Removal of sago ($50)
    Planting/moving 2-3 knock out roses ($25)
    Cleanup 3 hours ($20/hr)
    Pressure wash all walk ways ($125)

    I think i like these number, i don't think she wanted it all done in one day because of budget.
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  3. alldayrj

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    So round up is free because you already bought it?
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  4. ponyboy

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    If you can't price that then you should get out of the business
  5. Bunton Guy

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    Why should your labor be any different from trimming shrubs v.s. moving shrubs? your giving the home owner materials at your cost? Not even marking them up? How do you expect to make money?

    Are you able to set aside enough money once the job is done to pay taxes on? Is there enough money figured into the labor to pay for your labor for going to get the materials? Or is your time free when your traveling in a vehicle that does not burn fuel?
  6. ponyboy

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    I get $55 a man hour plus material 30% above my cost plus dumping fees and then I add $100 for fuel per day and then I add in $1000 for overhead
    And that is still cheap but that is a basic job
    my cost
    $1100 labor
    $1100 gas and overhead
    Plus dump and material
    Plus your expense
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  7. zippy-phil

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    How big of a project do you do ponyboy?

    So I should get an overall per hour rate higher than the kind of usual $25/hr? There would be no way I could get away with charging $100 fuel cost, this is one day project. So at $55/hr 8 hour day= $440

    So $2200 would be about you cost with labor, gas,overhead, material, and dump?
  8. ponyboy

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    We are working on our biggest job this year of $250,000 and have 3 more signed contracts
    I automatically add $100 a day per truck for fuel and I know my expenses per crew and what profit I need to make per day
    You can make money at a lower price but you want to run a company or buy your self a job you need to make enough money for days when you don't have work also
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  9. RussellB

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    Double the costs of your materials to cover the cost of materials and installation. Estimate how many hours it will take you to trim the bushes, weed the beds etc and multiply that times your hourly rate. Add the two together and you will be close. It may help if you update your profile because like stated by someone else, estimates vary by locale. $3000 sounds way to high and $500 sounds way to low. Good luck and I hope you get the job.
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  10. zippy-phil

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    Thanks for the responses so far. ponyboy that is a huge jo, way out of my league. We have only been doing this for about a month. I was thinking I might be able to ask another landscaper that I know. ( he won't steal the job.) He was in business doing this for 20 years. I might be able to hire him on for consultation help.

    BTW I am in north east Florida

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