We got our first really big job

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by zippy-phil, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. ponyboy

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    I agree also don't start off by being cheap make a name for quality then you can get paid more than the other companies
    People don't always focus on price most of my customers focus on quality and the biggest thing is customer support I call back everybody the same day if there was a problem dead plant etc. I fix the problem ASAP we are in a service industry and that is the key great service. Price customers come and go look for the customers who want great service and supply it to them
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  2. Darryl G

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    You hope you remember everything? Bring a clipboard and write it down!

    Sounds like you're over your head and best to no-bid it until you have the knowledge/experience to do it properly.
  3. acculawnsystems

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    Great job. There is a lot to think about but it can be simple to get more big jobs by using the AccuLawnSystems.com method. If you do postcards or door hangers, I would advise you to drive business to you website and give instant online quotes. We did close to 1000 bids and received over 200 new contracts this past spring in just 2 zip codes using postcards and door hangers and instant online quotes. Customers simply type in their address and get a quote in seconds. Then they can sign up right then and there. The best thing is that we did not waste time on manual measurements and did not waste money on fuel. Check out how this is possible at acculawnsystems.com. Furthermore, we are offering this system to only one LCO per area. So once a LCO signs up for the area we will not be able to offer this technology to any other LCO in that area. This is a huge advantage to the LCO that is able to use this method in their area to gain new customers. Also, the LCO will be the only one posted as a provider on acculawncare.com. Check to see if your area is available by going to acculawnsystems.com and reserve your spot today. Also, there is no risk with a free 30 day trial with no obligation.
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    If you do not have a website to drive customers to, that's ok because we give you one when you sign up for acculawnsystems.com. Customers can go directly to your website and get and instant online quote based on you pricing. Only one LCO per area and they are going fast. See if your area is still available and receive a 30 day free trial with no obligation. Acculawnsystems.com and Acculawncare.com.
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    I m not in business to survive.
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  6. Tyler7692

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    $125 to pressure wash an 8 car driveway? Screw that.
  7. srlawn

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    800 bucks right there.100 bucks a car. Time, wear and tear and washer, chemicals, gas, insurance....
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  8. ToddH

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    ^^^^ This ^^^^

    I do not price my trucks based on $100 a day for gas but I do have an hourly cost for all the expenses and it is not much different.

    Do not install weed block from HD either as it is garbage compared to a nice heavy # 5 fabric. I do not use fabric under mulch. I use it under rock but not mulch. Just use more mulch to block the weeds.

    $25.00 an hour is a loser game and you will not make it.
  9. srlawn

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    ^^could not agree more. However if you feel your time and quality is worth 25 an hr then price it that way. Just keep in mind that your setting the name of your company to customers as the cheap guy and looking like a thieving low balling arse hole to your competition. Keep your customers close and your competition closer.
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  10. ToddH

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    When I was first starting out and I still some times will do this with clients is I would shoot them an hourly rate. This rate was typically 80.00 an hour for 2 guys but I think today it would be closer to 90.

    I would tell them I think it will be this many hours and I will not go over that amount. That is just for clean up. Let them know there will be a few hours off the job site to haul off the materials too.

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