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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by eggy, Jun 9, 2001.

  1. eggy

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    I recently talked with a company rep. who is in charge of the grounds, and after talking about the bid he hinted, that he doesnt expect a trip to florida but he does excpect something other then grass cuting, do you guys encounter this??? Basicly a little gift giving???
  2. lawnboy82

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    just how big of a contract is this? if it is something that will make you a nice chunk of change i would say that if it is something small, like doing his lawn every once in a while or whatever, it couldnt hurt. several large companies around here that i know, if there are big wig executives for a company that gives them several hundreds of thousands of dollars of work per year they will do certain things for them. but they dont go crazy. see what this bid will make you, and then how much of that can you afford to give the guy. however if you will win the bid without giving him anything then to heck with him. or if that is the only way to get the bid then just figure it into the bid

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