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We need rain !!!!!!!!

Mike Blevins

LawnSite Bronze Member
Another rainless week! If it don`t rain soon there will be alot of mowers for sale in my area. Just looked at the 7 day forcast and its:dizzy: high 80s everyday and not any rain in sight. I know alot of mowing companies and there is some people starting to panick.

mike r

LawnSite Member
samething in state college pa TOO dry and patience wearing thin overseeded a customer in april and nothing! lost everything.


LawnSite Senior Member
Here in Atlanta, we just got hit with a serious water ban. Weekends only, even/odd Saturday/Sunday.....I have been cheating with some of my accounts, setting their systems to start at 4 am and I am only running about 10 to 15 mins, oppose to 25 to 30. I think we have a chance next weekend, but that too far away to really forecast. I refuse to stop the maintenance, but might have to hold back on weekly cuts, and just do bi-weekly until we start getting some rain. I can afford to miss maybe 2 weeks of weekly visits with all the mulch/rock installs we have been doing, but if I miss any more then that, then I think I might have to cut hours. I wont panic, just hope to keep it moving, and hopefully gain from all those that can't handle the downtime and have to close up shop when it does pick back up.


LawnSite Gold Member
Lexington, KY
Starting to get cripy criiters here. We are on the cusp of drought.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Tell me about,skip two cuts this season might have to get into something else i power wash houses year round i have 8 houses scheduled in the next 5 days to clean.

Envy Lawn Service

LawnSite Fanatic
North Carolina
Still no measurable rain here since April 15th.


LawnSite Silver Member
We have the same problem in the panhandle too. Thank god for the landscape and clean-up jobs that we have been blessed to get.

Nathan Robinson

LawnSite Senior Member
have you tried going to the local reservation and buying quilts and flint and ask them to do the rain dance? We are getting ready to get hammered with rain all weekend and Monday in Southern Indiana