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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by JimLewis, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. JimLewis

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    Well, I tried something new. Well, something new to us and something new to this area. I understand it's very common down in Arizona and other areas. But nobody up here in Portland is doing it.

    It's called "concrete surfacing" I guess. I don't quite know the correct term for it. I've heard it called "concrete overlay" too. Anyway, we started with a 10' x 10' small concrete patio, expanded that with new concrete, then installed several surface layers. We also installed a seat wall around the patio and stucko on the walls.

    I guess it turned out pretty well. There were some learning mistakes that occurred, but this is why we did it at my house first.

    Here is a photo of the new patio;

    Here is the company who supplies the product and ideas we used for making it;

    You can get a good idea of how the process works by checking out their website. But basically, after we laid down the scratch coat, we then laid down 1/4" strips of masking tape randomly to create the flagstone look. You could create a tile look...whatever you want. Then we applied the final acrylic surface. Then we removed the tape and stained the concrete by hand. This is the final product.

    I thought it turned out pretty decent. Much better than the small pad we had in the back yard before. But I'd love some feedback.
  2. carcrz

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    It's funny you posted this. The Mrs & I were just talking about doing this to our back patio yesterday.
  3. BrandonV

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    done down here in NC quite a bit... tend to crack w/ all our temp fluxuations.. or its not done right I'm not sure
  4. Grn Mtn

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    how different is this from stamping? not sure if i like it but it just might be the color wash of the photo.
  5. JimLewis

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    Quite a different process from stamped concrete. Stamped still shows the expansion joints and it's the same pattern stamped over and over. With this process, you can install the concrete with expansion joints, and then later fill them with this acrylic coating so you don't see them anymore. Then you create a pattern (tile, flagstone, etc.) that is totally unique all over.

    The real advantage, however, is that you can do this process right over existing concrete. You can take an old, boring brushed concrete patio and just create this same look with just some thin layers added on top. Much faster and cheaper than removing the old concrete and installing new stamped. That's the real advantage here. And that's what I was after; a way to renovate old patios without costing the customer a fortune.

    Again, this was just our first attempt at it. I am not sure we're going to dive into it. Something I wast just trying out. But you can see some much better examples on the companies website. The real world examples they have are here;

  6. NNJLandman

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    Steps look ugly
  7. matrix77

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    You bought the product directly from them or through the distributors?
  8. JimLewis

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    I bought it directly from Xcel and they shipped it up here. We couldn't find a local distributor at the time so they were nice enough to ship it our way.

    But I just found a local distributor today who can get it for me in the future. But they introduced me to a very similar product today called Super-Krete. ( www.super-krete.com ) It's basically the same stuff, but they are more supported in my area. So I am signing up for a hands-on training school they are putting on in Southern Ca. later in the year. I'm planning on taking myself and 3 of my key guys down to learn how to do this stuff right. I think it will be a big seller.

    Once we get some more experience at it and I am comfortable that we can do it without any flaws I think we'll be selling and installing a whole lot of these.
  9. matrix77

    matrix77 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Jim for the info.

    Yep, these stuffs are very popular down here in So. Cal. I have some ugly concrete pathway... you think I can put this product on top of it?

    BTW - you did good job on your patio area...
  10. JimLewis

    JimLewis LawnSite Fanatic
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    Yes, definitely! That's what it's for!

    You live in San Diego area? That's where the school is for Super-Krete. You should go to one of their training schools and learn this stuff. I have to fly me and my guys down there. And you're right there in the same town! How fortunate.

    The cost of the school is only $400. You should check it out.

    I don't think this is something you'd want to just try on your own, without having any experience on it. I was doing it alongside a guy who had seen it done many times in AZ. So he was fairly familiar with how it was done already. I could have never done it alone, on my own. But I think maybe after this training school, and the follow up DVD training they give, we will hopefully be competent enough to do them on our own and do them well.

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