We were accused of Stealing Keys

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Lawnmasters, Mar 11, 2006.

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    Today I get a call. Woman says " yesterday, there was this flyer thing at my house, do you put them in mail boxes? On the door or what? We use door hangers. I say, it is a "door hanger" it goes on the door, we don't mess with mail boxes at all. I was thinking she was going to attack me for messing with the mail box. Then she says, where do you put them, front door, side, back? By now I am irritated and say, on the front usually, but why? What can I help you with? She then says well, I have a problem, yesterday I get home in a real hurry and leave the keys hanging in the door cause I had to go to the bathroom, now she can't find the keys but found the door hanger.

    Pisssssssssssssss me off see! So , of course keys missing, door hanger there, it HAS to me the lawn spray guy! It was my Pest control technician hanging door hangers, they were for Pest Control, the woman even got that wrong, she said she had a flyer for lawn care. I told her I've been in business in this town for 17 years and don't really need to be stealing keys, but I do have about 25 sets of keys to several customers houses that they have given me to get in when needed. But I thank you for accusing me of being a thief, so is there anything else I can do for you? Wellll, I guess not, and she hung up.

    Anybody else get accused of what just happened to go on after you left a property?

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