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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Up North, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. Up North

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    How many times do you sharpen your mower blades before tossing them out? And at what point should I replace them due to wear? I have a couple sets that are starting get a "cup" or curve on the cutting edge, I can still sharpen them and they work fine but wondering if this is normal or at what point do they become dangerous due to this "cupping" or curving?

  2. Mycannon

    Mycannon LawnSite Member
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    2-3 sharping maybe 75 to 100 hrs
  3. steve122

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    We will sharpen them and use them until the air dam wears thru. That is what we call the wing or lift or raised part of the back of the blade. Usually they start to show wear and get very thin at the outside edge. Once it wears through it goes quickly. Tried to use a set too long once and had an air dam break off. Shook the mower like crazy because of the serious imblance in weight. I'd watch that more than the cupping.
  4. Up North

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    from MN
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    Yes I noticed that the air foil or whatever it's called is wearing also, more so then the cupping on the cutting edge. Guess it's time for those blades to hit the trash.

    Like Mycannon says, I've got 3 maybe 4 sharpenings on this one particular set of blades that seem to be on their last legs. I'd guess about 40-50 hours on them only but they are the stock blades and not as thick as the Gator Magnums. And our soil is VERY sandy in this area, that probably wears on them too. Thanks for the input guys.

  5. maelawncare

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    Heck i have over 150 on my first set. Stock blades too. The tank blades are just like the machine, a tank.
  6. BCSteel

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    Are you guys mowing beaches or something? 50 hrs and their already worn out? Man, I sharpen my blades 2 or 3 times/week and they last all season long, one set, no problems. One set of blades will last me around 175-200 shapenings or around 600 - 700 hrs.
  7. chevyman1

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    Yeah, but you are only mowing snow up there!
  8. Up North

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    I know most guys won't believe this, but yes, some areas are just like a beach here. Trimming is a PITA because you get sandblasted. Some lawns are very thin and the sand just gets whipped around by the mower, just like the dustbowl days.

  9. HayBay

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    from Ontario
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    If you are buying the thinner blades, they will wear faster.

    If you get .250 thickness, you have a quarter of an inch in steel to sharpen. If you get a lower number like .201 (j-thomas sells these ones cheap) they will wear faster.

    The Cub Cadet Tank like mentioned above comes with Marbane Blades at about .300 thickness. They are hard steel and thick. They last longer.

    Knockoff blades seem to be softer metal than the OEM's like the Marbane Blade. That is why the dealer wants $50.00 per blade for the Marbanes here.
  10. Up North

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    from MN
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    Very true Haybay. My stock blades that came with the Snapper Z are much thinner then the Gator Magnums I have. One set of Gators are starting to "cup" and my stock Snapper blades are very "cupped" and the foil that provides lift is now notched at the end where it's wearing out. I have another set of Gator Magnums that are still just fine, not much wear at all.


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