Weather forecast accuracy

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by wegomow, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. Groomer

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    The 10 forecast for my area is for the lengthy stretch of mid-season CABIN FEVER to continue...............
  2. Nate'sLawnCare

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    I also have little faith in forecasting more than 36 hours out. I also keep my tablet with me to check the radar as needed. One of the Raleigh TV stations has an excellent meteorologist and it's interesting sometimes how much disparity there is between the different forecasting models as he shows them.
  3. Toro 455

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    You know they sell a rain cap for your spreader don't you?

    I don't have one. I guess I'd need an enclosed trailer to load your spreader so the fert&pre-em didn't get wet and clog the spreader. I only apply 40 bags so I dodge the raindrops too.
  4. wegomow

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    What a beautiful thing, weather radar on the smartphone. I can't live without it.
  5. Richard Martin

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    Only 10 days. Accuweather goes out 25 days. I put little to no faith in it except for a trend. And even that's wrong most of the time. Yesterday their long range showed no temps above the 60s for the next 25 days. Today it shows 2 days in the 70s. By next week it could have temps in the 80s.

    I watch the weather closely for the next 24 hours. Beyond that is pretty much a guessing game.
  6. BeachysLawn

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    I have worked many many days when it was a certainty of rain and always chuckle as I drive by other lawn trailers tucked securely in their driveway, waiting on rain that will never show up.
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  7. Kiril

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    The NWS gives details on forecasts 2 days out, not including the current day. Generally the forecast for those 2 days holds, with minor changes to % chance of rain if it exists and wind speeds. Long term forecasts have no details other than temps with nods to potential chance of rain. Extended 7 day temperature forecasts are generally fairly accurate within an acceptable margin of error.

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