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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fga, Jun 17, 2004.

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    do you use a weather program on your computer before leaving in the morning to do your route? if so, what are you using? i like "weather bug", but it's loaded with spyware. Now i'm using "The weather channel", and it's not good at all!

    have any links?
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    They say for five bucks a year you can get zero adds

    I like it better than the weather channel

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    I like

    Very accurate & gives historical weather if you're interested.

    There's one out there that will send weather updates to your cell or Palm, but I can't remember what it is. I'll post it if I do.
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    I use some or all of the above. There is one really cool app though that's not mentioned. It's a screen saver that displays current NWS radar for your location all of the time. It is not free but it is cheap with no recurring expenses. One tip: It does work very well with 800 by 600 resolution despite what the programmers of the screen saver say. I have on my computer at 800 by 600 and it works great. Full screen.
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    C'mon people, why not just use the National Weather Service for your town?

    I've got it set up on my desktop so as soon as I click it, it brings up my forecast and the radar.

    Plus the forecast changes every 4 hours, and if there's rain moving through, they give you a short term forecast about every hour.

    Plus #2, it's free!
  8. Richard Martin

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    I don't know what the NWS accuracy is like where you live but it is under 25% here for rain, snow etc...

    We can watch a thunderstorm march out of West Virginia, go across Virginia and right up to our door step before it dissipates. At other times they will just appear out of nowhere. A 4 hour forecast update is useless around here. Also most of the time their radar is so full of ground clutter that you can't even see rain through the clutter.
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    Shoot.... I agree, the forecast isn't the best, the only thing that is, is the old look out the window routine.

    The other thing I've got is "My-Cast 3.0" on my Verizon cell phone.

    Anytime I want, I can pull up a forecast there, or I can get live doppler radar loops as well.

    It was 4.95 or something like that to download, and then it's about .01 / minute or so each time I use it.

    As far as snow, I just wait around and watch the "Intellicast" radar, and then for closer views watch the NWS radar.
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    I been burned so many times I just go and start working. I'll quit if its too wet or it starts to lightening.

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