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    i was wondering what pertinence any one places on long range weather forecasts i.e. noaa or any others that use high tech tools and multiple meterologists? they are calling for an extension of "the drought" to include central ohio.
  2. If its a possibility you should have a plan to deal with it. Have language in your agreements to protect yourself from drought. Also have a plan for alternative work/income for slow times.
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    I place absolutely ZERO confidence in long range forecasts regardless of who prepares them. There are just way too many variables to consider. One thing man may never be able to control is the weather.

    For example, in Aug. 2002 they were calling for another dry winter. Instead we have gone from "exceptional drought" which is the most critical to normal. Seems like its rained at least 3 days a week at least since mid Sept. I just hope that it dries out a little cause at this rate I can't even walk on a lawn without putting huge foot marks all over. I may have to get a hovercraft to mow. Oh well, I'm sure we'll have another dry summer.

    Here is a map of current drought conditions.
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    If you set your jobs to long term forcast. your'er be off the dry days and can't work the rainy days.
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    Meterologists have enough of a time getting a 24 hour forecast correct...I fail to see how they can predict a couple of months or more.

    just my 2 cents

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