weathermatic, sl600 series and similar controllers.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by grassman177, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. grassman177

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    weathermatic, sl600 series and similar controllers.

    i have looked into these as far as stats and such, and like what i see for features esp for the prices. So do any of you use these, like or dislike them> andhow hard are they to operate and prgram compared to a hunter pro c or icore?

  2. txirrigation

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    I have a few of the SL4800 and The SL 2 wire out with the air cards. They worked out pretty well, best part is I know when property managers jack with the controllers.
  3. greenmonster304

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    On a related note, I got a look at the new 22 zone ESP today has a new interface but the same cabinet it looks cool but might get a little tight to wire.
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  4. grassman177

    grassman177 LawnSite Fanatic
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    good to know, anyone else have experience with these>? they look really nice, and full featured for sure

    highly considering using them instead of the pro c, for the on board diagnostics alone, if not for several other great features. looks to be simple programming etc, note:i dont like rainbird clocks much, never have. just seem odd to me.
  5. Autoflow

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    I mainly use Smartlines after I had a few problems with Hunter controllers a few years back. They have stacks of great features such as the inbuilt diagnostics that you mentioned, also inbuilt locator, seasonal adjustment by month (I-core now do this), test cycle in 10 second increments, grow in feature which is a temporary program for new landscapes. Once the days you set it for are up it reverts to the normal program you want. Programming is very easy also. I have installed about 80 or so 1600 and had zero problems.

    The only thing I don't like is the speaker terminal inputs for the wires. I would rather screws. It also gets a bit tight in the box when you have multiple cable strands, and just the one common terminal isn't enough for a controller that goes to 16 stations. The SL4800 has more room though. Looks the same as SL1600 on the outside just in a bigger cabinet.

    The wireless weather station signal doesn't seem to be as strong as a Hunter rain sensor, as I had one job where I had to ditch it where it was in a concrete bunker thing around a pool pump, but the wireless Hunter rain sensor works fine in the same location.

    I have installed Smartlink at 3 locations so far and the clients are very happy with it. I think it's awesome for the price compared to the other options. Just waiting on the flow sensor to become available.
  6. 1idejim

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    Pigtail the commons autoflow.
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  7. Autoflow

    Autoflow LawnSite Member
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    Yeah thats what I do, but would be easier if they just had another terminal.
  8. Rainman7

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    I have about 13 smartlinks with aircards now and will be adding more. They have been working out great and have save me some programming time and adjustments.

    Biggest thing to get used to with these clocks is that you cant run them with the panel open.

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