Weathermatic Smartline sprinker system.. is this a good system?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by melroco, Aug 21, 2008.

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    I'm a first time homebuyer with a new lawn that needs a lot of work. I just signed a lawn care contract with a local company and now I'm getting bids to get a sprinkler system installed. 2 of the 3 companies I received bids from use Hunter and Rainbird products however the 3rd company uses a Weathermatic Smartline system with Walla Walla MP rotators. The contractor explained that this system uses much less water and the sprinkler heads are superior to the ones Hunter and Rainbird offer. I can't find any independent reviews on the Smartline system. Has anyone had any experience with this system?
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    A lot of sprinkler guys really like the SmartLine. I haven't personally used it yet but it sounds great. The MP rotators are also a great product. Be careful if you are on a well though. You need good filtering to prevent jamming up the MPs.

    Hunter and Rainbird products are also good. But you can get the best products, and still have them installed sub par by a crummy contractor. I suggest going with a quality contractor first. Ask if they have a full time service department, or are they going to pull a guy off an install job 2 weeks from when you call, and have them out at 7:00 PM with minimal parts and tools.

    Parts are second. But don't go with Toro parts for a residence.
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    DanaMac - thanks for your insight. Totally understand your point about quality contractor first and parts second. Because of that, we're going to get another bid from a well-known contractor with a great reputation that does a lot of sprinkler system installs in the area.

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