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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Rex Mann, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. Rex Mann

    Rex Mann LawnSite Senior Member
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    What does an average web site designed by a professional run. I only need a ballpark for a very simple site to get started. Anyone have any ranges?


  2. CentralMassWeb

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    Ranges for this depend totally on what you are looking for and the quality that the designer can provide.

    For me, I charge $500 for the design - including up to 10 pages and a logo (if you don't already have one)

    Some designers will only charge you $300, or even $150, but remember that you always get what you pay for, just as a homeowner might go with another landscaper who can do his lawn for $20 when you may currently charge $35.

    On the contrary, other designers charge $800 - $1000 for the design. It varies so much. Always do your homework.

    Always review the work of the designer before getting into a contract with them.
  3. Grassrootz

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    Check out my buddies website... he does everything you can possibly imagine, from web design, hosting, to logo creation, etc...

    Check out his website!


    he is currently working on mine now...

  4. Rex Mann

    Rex Mann LawnSite Senior Member
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    Nice logo. Apprciate the heads up on your buddy's site. I have already selected a firm to get me up and running. I never realized there were so many choices just like Centralmassweb said in his post. All the geeks I talked to tried to make it seem like they were a big company with allot of employees. They must think bigger is better. Me, I look for quality, service, honesty and ethics. It is like picking from a group of contractors. Only problem is I only had a fact-to-face with one. The others were via phone and email and internet sites. I have to trust in them just as my clients have to trust in me. It can be tough to walk properly when the shoe is on the other foot.

    Keep me updated on your site. I'd like to see the progression. I'm excited for you.


  5. NNJLandman

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    I usually charge $300 for a web site. I will do everything for that. Numerous pages etc. Pictures or your jobs logos whatever you want i can probably do for $300. Gonna be doing a site for a landscaper on here soon....i'll post you the link when im done.
  6. mdvaden

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    Personally, I don't like the style of the website, but this one:


    ranks high on most searches for "landscape designer," etc..

    She teaches design at a Portland College, and as mentioned in her site, she does web work.

    I'm guessing she dishes out a few bucks to the search engines to get her site ranked as high as it is, but she still seems to know the ropes.

    I'm not suggesting you hire her. But the site may have a few elements worth looking at for consideration.

    Without paying search engines the bucks, I found there are 3 key elements to a high ranking. And honestly, they took so much work to figure out, that I don't tell anyone.
  7. DannyHatt

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    As a businessman you should think as your Web Site as your interactive television advertising campaign. When you first have a web site created, the name of your Web Site should be on all of your advertising material including your business cards. In the very least you want the customer, potential customer to go to your web site and add it to their favorites in their browser. You also need the Website attractive enough to make the customer come back.

    Some businessmen think that just having a presence on the Web is good enough, but it is not. Although having a presence on the Web is fine, the customer may go to your Web Site, take a look at it, and you have no idea who went to your Web Site, for what reason, what pages they visited, what attracts them the most. This is throwing money out the window, and this is what will get you frustrated not knowing what you are paying for. So get a host that can give you stats when you ask for them.

    When you think about the design of the website, the contents are very important. Here are some elements not to put in your Website:

    The Weather- Nobody cares really. People on Dial up lines think of it as a nuisance. When they come to your Web Site, it’s not because they want to see the local weather, it’s because they want information about your business.

    News- this also is more of a nuisance.

    Pop-ups, everyone hates them.

    The last thing people want to see on a Web Site is something that everyone else has that turns into just plain advertising. People are frustrated with advertising, and although you are getting a Web Site to create more business, your Web Site should be focused on having something that will make customers come back because of interaction they can have while on your Web Site. Something they can remember, and easy to use.

    When planning a Web Site, plan it in stages. Here is a plan that you can go by to make your site interactive with your business:

    A Flash Introduction-This is very important. A Flash introduction produced correctly, for your business will keep customers coming back. The introduction should contain the name of your business, some background sound and some animation to catch the eye of the potential customer. It should also have a skip button for those who have already seen your Web Site, and want to get right to work.

    Your Home Page- Your Home Page should contain all business material. The reason why a customer is coming to your Web Site is because they are purchasers. They want to buy right now, and now is the time to catch them. You must GUIDE the customer to where they want to go quickly. So your home page should consist of links such as:

    Lawn Mowing
    Planting Beds
    Slice Seeding
    Parking Lot Sweeping
    Company Tour
    Contact Page

    The Company Tour should be an animation of pictures that you have taken on the job, showing before and after pictures.

    All that is great, but one very important thing we are trying to do is to keep the customer on your Web Site and interact with your website for whatever reason. Instead of having a page called Links, your Links page should be more specific, a games link page for example. People love to play games on their computer, and if they know that your site contains a long list of game links, they will visit it often. The more often they use your site, the more they are likely to make a purchase.

    With a Web Site, we must guide everyone through it to get to our ultimate goal, and that is to make a purchase. We need to design your Web Site in a way that is non-distracting with out all the nuisance little gizmos, and guide them into our THEME. The theme is of course our business. Our business contains our services, our communication to the customer, and a simple but great looking Web Site.

    Your Web Site is a important tool. It is YOU, It is YOUR business. Put some effort into it when you are ready to hire someone..

    Thats my story and I'm sticking to it..


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