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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ant, Apr 8, 2001.

  1. ant

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    found a lawn customer that went to school for "htlm or http"
    i forget,anyway she is willing to make me up a web site for barter...
    if she does one for me what the cost for a company to host it? what is that type of business called?
    what kind of money are we talking about for her to make me up a site.
    i already got a doe-name name from network solutions.
  2. Administrator

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    Should have registered with http://www.000domains.com. They are $13.50 per year w/ a 1 year minimum.

    Also, I will host you for $30 setup fee and then $15 a month.

    chuck keough
  3. SMB

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    I've heard from this forum that thinkhost is pretty good, http://www.lawnhost.com
    You could try to get it hosted free, but you'd probably have an ad or two on your page.
    http://www.homestead.com (site building tool doesn't have frames, no FTP uploads, real pain, unobtrusive ads, though)
    http://www.tripod.com (not sure if it supports buisinesses, but it's a good site with 50 megs of space and lots of features, including FrontPage support, but there isn't the option to have it ad free)
    Look in the back of a Computer Shopper magazine, there's usually dozens of web hosting companies in there.
  4. SMB

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    Chuck, how much space?

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