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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by larold83, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. larold83

    larold83 LawnSite Member
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    were is the best web hosting site to build my wesite i wanna doit month by month not like a whole year deal so if any one can help me well ya know what to do
  2. privatelawn

    privatelawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    godaddy.com is like $7 a month
  3. rudeboy

    rudeboy LawnSite Member
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    godaddy is like 3.95 a month
  4. FyrFyt

    FyrFyt LawnSite Member
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    Many times you will find these $3 and $4 dollar hosting only when you pay for a year in advance. It is a good deal. But make sure the package you are getting will have all the features you need and not extremely stripped down.

    I think $7 to $9 per month is acceptable. But look at reviews people are giving the host. That can determine your satisfaction level and ease of use. Its like buying a mower. You get what you pay for, security, good servers, good service when you have problems and questions.

    Try to contact someone from the host via IM, or email. See how long it takes to get a reply. If they have an issue with talking to you for a presale inquiry, maybe they are not the host for you.

    Good luck.

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